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How to Speak Graphic Designer (Infographic)

August 25th, 2015 1 COMMENT


28 Design Terms Marketers Should Know

Wow! Two sensational infographics within a week. This one should be printed, framed, and hung on the wall next to every graphic designer and marketing manager. No more misunderstandings about leading and kerning. No more wasted conversations about web-friendly fonts. No more confusion about UI and UX.

Our thanks to Sarah Matista at Pagemodo.


–Mel White


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One Response to “How to Speak Graphic Designer (Infographic)”

  1. Chris R says:

    Nice graphic with some good info. But: if you are talking to a designer about leading and kerning, or the grid, you have lost sight of the purpose of working with a professional designer: to advance your business goals. You know your business, the designer knows how to use design principles to get that across.

    Would you ask your plumber what wrench she’s using? Or your chef what brand of knife?

    Just my opinion.

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