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Cocktail Party Espionage at EXHIBITOR 2010

March 9th, 2010 5 COMMENTS
Join Us at the Classic Hospitality Suite at EXHIBITOR 2010

Join Us at the Classic Hospitality Suite at EXHIBITOR 2010

This Tuesday (March 16), Classic Exhibits will host our EXHIBITOR Show Hospitality Suite at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. There will be no awards, but there will be a bunch of very nice Classic friends and employees.

In anticipation of the event, the Classic paparazzi have gathered tidbits, rumors, innuendos, and general gossip about some of the attendees. However, we need to enlist your assistance to ferret out the remaining dirty truth so we can use it as blackmail throughout year.

For example, these folks can expect a not-so-subtle phone call when sales are slow in June . . . “Hey Chris, how about purchasing a Sacagawea Hybrid Display this week (or even three or four), and we’ll consider burning a certain incriminating ‘photo’ in our possession?”

If you are uncomfortable dabbling in the gentle art of espionage, consider using the following helpful conversation starters. Once you get them talking, be sure to ask about any “funny” or “embarrassing” stories they may have from spring break, college, or their trip to Argentina to visit a “friend.” We’ve found that casually dropping the word “experiment” seems to be particularly effective after a few drinks.

Just a little hint . . . Be wary of the swizzle sticks and cocktail napkins at the party. They may not be what they seem.

  • Chris Griffin (Trade Show Supply) —  “Did you really beat Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a bicycle race through the Orange County Convention Center?”
  • Kim Merkin (Czarnowski) – “Kim, I hear you have put on two very successful and informative Open Houses over the past couple of years. What is your secret?”
  • Jay and Carol Larimore (Tradeshow STOP) – “Do you really have the largest collection of iPod accessories East of the Mississippi?”
  • Robert Keller (Bay Area Exhibits) – “I hear your building contains one of world’s largest trampolines . . . what’s that all about?”
  • David Hanken (Total Displays) — “What’s the secret to selling an expensive hybrid display to your wife’s software company?”
  • Dave Desko (The Exhibit Source) – “Did you really paddle across the Boston Harbor using only a lacrosse stick?”
  • Joe Shelman (Exhibits Northwest Seattle) – “Are you really excited about the off-season signing of Cliff Lee by the Mariners?”
  • Mark Bendickson (Exhibit Design) – Did you really supplement your 2009 sales by publishing a book titled Texts from Last Night?
  • Jim Shelman (Exhibits Northwest Portland) – “Jim, is there some sort of curse on the Blazers this year? What’s up with all the injuries? Did you put a voodoo hex on them?”
  • Ron Armstrong (Armstrong Display Concepts) – “Have you ever lost an Elvis impersonator competition?”
  • Cindi Cody (Xzibits) – “Why do you carry two Chapsticks with you?”
  • Susan Coppola (Imagecraft)– “Susan, rumor has it you have the coolest lunch spot ever near your facility. It’s located in an Apple Orchard or something?”
  • John Snyder (Atlantic Exhibits) – “Did you think this was the Safari Club International Show? Is that why you’re wearing camo?”
  • Larry Crumlish (InSource LC) – “Have you been given the finger lately?”
  • Justin Hersch (Delphi) – “Justin, you have to have one of the more unique manufacturing facilities . . . an old airplane hangar. I hear some episodes of Myth Busters have been shot there. Is that true?”
  • Sean Combs (Steelhead Productions) – “Sean, exactly how many times a day do people refer to you as Puffy or P-Diddy?”
  • Dave Walens (Brumark) – Do you really have to be in New York by 11:30 pm to lead the Late Night Orchestra?

As you can plainly see, we will be surrounded by greatness. Please stop by for a wonderful event on March 16 (from 3:30 to 6:30 pm). You’ll be contacted afterward to report your findings. The urine test . . . and blood test will not be optional.

Till the next time,


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5 Responses to “Cocktail Party Espionage at EXHIBITOR 2010”

  1. Mark B says:

    Urine test? Seriously? Are you trying to suck what little creativity that is left out of this industry?

  2. John S says:

    Mark B, you have it all wrong….the urine test must be POSITIVE to pass.

  3. Dave Brown says:

    Thanks for letting us bartend and being part of the experience. It was a great time!

  4. Thanks for putting together such great food, drink, and good fellowship amongst “our community”, Mel. The Classic event, as always, was a wonderful gathering of friends and industry peers. You guys are a class act! – Best, CG

  5. mel says:

    Thanks Chris. We really appreciate you attending.

    It’s always a pleasure for the Classic team to host the Hospitality Suite. Off the show floor and away from business, it’s amazing what people will tell you. Kinda funny sometimes.

    Have a very “eventful” and prosperous spring and summer!

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