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15 Notable Exhibit Projects in 2009

December 28th, 2009 COMMENTS
2009 Notable Exhibit Projects

2009 Notable Exhibit Projects

We may be jumping the gun a bit, since it’s still early December, but we thought we’d review the Top 15 Notable Exhibit Projects in 2009. How do we define “notable?” To be honest, it’s a little arbitrary (actually it’s probably a lot arbitrary). After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we relied on the following criteria to guide us as we made our selection:

  • Overall Creativity
  • Representative Design Trends
  • Graphic Treatment
  • Customization 

If you don’t see your notable project on the list, chances are it just missed the cut or it shipped from Classic without graphics. We decided to exclude counters and workstations from the list — not because there weren’t any creative designs but because there were so many. Nearly every day we shipped standard or customized counters, pedestals, and workstations.

The following, although listed numerically, are in no particular ranking. 

TOP 15 (drum roll please)

  1. Watchguard — (04/13 and 04/14):  Visionary Designs 10′ x 20′ with LED header lights and MOD-1219 Counter. Re-configures into a 20′ x 20′ Island.
  2. Odyssey — (08/26): This is actually a ClassicMODUL project (but let’s not quibble). Hybrid 20′ x 40′ island with showcases and multiple conference rooms.
  3. SpaBooker — (10/06): Custom Perfect 20 Portable Hybrid Display with 2-sided projector screen.
  4. Boston Scientific — (06/10):  Fun project. All wood custom exhibit with fully assembled counters. Eight lightboxes were mounted above the counters along the backwall.
  5. Cumberland — (11/13): Euro LT 10′ x 20′ Custom Modular Exhibit. There are photos showing it at our facility and at the show with graphics. Excellent example of a modular laminate display and custom LTK-1001 (modified) tapered counters.
  6. ESPN — (10/21): This may seem a little puzzling until you watch Monday Night Football. This is the powder- coated blue aluminum frame for the on-field desk. The custom house that ordered the frame completed the build.
  7. Arizona State — (05/21): We love a challenge. We built this using Aero Overhead aluminum tubing. Optima Graphics printed and fitted the graphics to the frame.
  8. Marine Stewardship — (02/26): Visionary Designs 10′ x 10′ Hybrid Exhibit. A Classic distributor sent us the design. We engineered and built it according to their specifications. There was even a complementary table top display.
  9. Verizon — (09/21): Visionary Designs Modified VK-2044 Hybrid Exhibit. There have been many VK-2044 (iPhone) designs built this year, and this is an excellent example of how this very popular design changes to accommodate any company’s marketing goals.  
  10. Viatech — (01/27): We liked this Perfect 20 Portable Hybrid Display so much that it became a kit. See VK-1803 for the kit version.
  11. Guidance Software — (02/03): Like the VK-2044, the Visionary Designs VK-1032 Hybrid Display has been a monster hit all year. It’s got it all — large monitor mount, counter, brochure holders, large tension fabric graphics, and sexy header.
  12. Geico — (07/27): New kits rarely remain constant for long. This is a customized Magellan Miracle VK-1063 with a practical modification of a Perfect 10 VK-1602 counter.
  13. Engility — (09/01): Without a doubt, the Perfect 10 VK-1501 Hybrid Display was a popular choice all year. We could have chosen several to represent this kit, but the graphics on this one made it our first choice.
  14. BriteCore — (09/08): Euro LT Custom Modular LTK-5207 Modified Exhibit. Very elegant 10′ x 20′ inline.
  15. ConnectiMED — (11/23): Magellan MOR VK-1077 Hybrid 10′ x 10′ with a modified MOD-1235 Workstation. Upscale and inexpensive.

Classic Exhibits Displays in 2009

We would enjoy hearing your comments on these projects. Are you seeing any design trends in your market for 2010? Please share.

–Mel White
Classic Exhibits Network (LinkedIn)


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