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A Subtle Update to Exhibit Design Search

February 24th, 2016 COMMENTS


Don’t Roll Your Eyes

How often have you heard me say,  “Exhibit Design Search is a work in progress, always evolving and changing.” I’m glad I can’t see you. It would hurt my feelings… just a little.

Nearly everyday, we make little changes to EDS. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the wording, adding a kit, or linking to a new photo. Other times it’s BIG — like adding a new feature. Tony Bennett, who you know as the programming guru of EDS, has a laundry list of enhancements. Just when he’s nearly finished them, we (meaning mostly me) quiz him. I ask questions based on EDS feedback from distributors and Classic employees, and general stuff I happen to see on web. All that turns into another list (see Tony sigh).

You see the major changes but not always the small, subtle ones. Last week we introduced a subtle one. On every kit, the main image now rotates through the secondary images. For example, seeing all the angles/views of an island without having to click-through the additional images was a simple blessing. It’s not magic. Heck, it’s not even sexy, but it’s easy on the eyes and practical. And I’ll settle for that.

Thought I’d share, if for no other reason than I didn’t want to be the only one who noticed and appreciated it. Nice job Tony! Now get started on that EDS Home Page enhancement! 😉

eds-detail-rotationSeveral examples:


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–Mel White


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