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Recorded Version of the Exhibit Design Search Webinar

June 27th, 2014 COMMENTS

Capture_EDSTwice a year, we conduct an Exhibit Design Search webinar. The title always changes, but it’s always a “Tips, Tricks and Techniques” session on how to use EDS more effectively. Typically, I don’t record it because, well, I forget. I’d love to give you a better excuse, but I can’t. This time I remembered.

The session is 45 minutes, about normal for a webinar. If you struggle with how to navigate EDS like a rock star, then I would suggest watching it. You may already be the Mick Jagger of EDS. Who am I to judge. Me? I’ve dominated the EDS rock and roll charts for eight straight years, and I still uncover lotsa new stuff each time.

The webinar is book-ended with a slide show. The first half is a quick overview of EDS.  The second half (which everyone seems to love) summarizes the differences between all the Classic Exhibits Hybrid lines. If you have ever struggled to explain what makes a “Sacagawea” different from a “Magellan,” then this is the perfect cheat sheet of all cheat sheets.

The webinar is first (in YouTube). The slide show is below that (in Slideshare). Share your thoughts, good or bad, in the comments.

There are no cats, no one gets hurt, and there are no celebrities. Sorry.

Full Webinar (on YouTube)

Slideshow (on Slideshare)


–Mel White


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