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Choosing the Right Event Charging Station

July 7th, 2022 COMMENTS
event charging station

The first rule of event or trade show marketing – attract attention. You want to be noticed by potential clients. But that’s just the first step. You also want clients to spend time with you. Event charging stations do just that. 

Why Invest in an Event Charging Station?

Most events and shows are electrical deserts, forcing attendees to search for outlets in inconvenient locations. How often have we seen an unattended phone, tablet, or laptop charging in some remote corner of the show hall or ballroom? Modern event charging stations solve that problem by offering attractive and practical designs for any event or booth. Wired and wireless charging solutions are available as bistro and coffee tables, reception counters, backlit pedestals, and even larger conference tables. All with flexible graphic branding opportunities. 

Our Favorite Trade Show Charging Station Options

If your mental picture of a charging station is the ugly charging tower at the airport, then you will be surprised at how charging station designs have evolved. No more messy tangled wires or soulless institutional colors and surfaces. Modern event charging solutions are built to compliment your design and to serve multiple purposes, not just charging. Consider the following options: 

  • Wireless Charging 
  • USB A and B Ports
  • Backlit Graphics
  • Locking Storage
  • Vinyl or Fabric Graphics
  • Bistro, Coffee, and End Tables
  • Monitor Mounts 
  • Programmable RGB LED Lighting

Why Invest in a Phone Charging Station?

There’s the obvious answer. It’s 2022. Our electronic devices are indispensable to every aspect of our lives. And until someone invents a battery that never needs charging, we’re dependent on a community of “free” charging solutions at events, trade shows, and gatherings. Charging takes time… which opens the door to conversations. That’s the first step in any business relationship. What was candy in 1990… Giveaways in 2010… Is charging options in 2022. 

At trade shows, charging options are essential for another reason. No one working in the booth has to leave to charge their phone. 😉 

Event Charging Station Rental or Purchase?

Not everyone needs an event charging station for multiple shows. For those situations, a rental may be a better option. Renting also allows for greater design flexibility, since shapes, colors, and sizes can be changed based on the theme or the size of the event. For example, many events require multiple tables or counters for casual conversations or sales presentations. In those situations, a one-time purchase may not make sense. Renting does. 

Purchasing has advantages as well. There are more design options as well as the ability to customize colors. Plus, it’s a one-time purchase and the expense can be depreciated over multiple events.    

10 Event Charging Station Solutions from Classic Exhibits

1. MOD-1471 Wireless Power Tower. Hard to Miss. This 7 ft. tall charging tower includes double-sided backlit graphics, (4) charging pads, and a brandable countertop. 

event charging station rental

2. MOD-1474 Charging Monitor Stand. Back-to-Back. Dual monitor mounts, charging pads, and LED perimeter lights make this a versatile charging solution at any event.  

trade show charging station

3. MOD-1474 Square Charging Table. Business as Unusual. This sophisticated design brings the boardroom to the show floor with backlit graphics and wireless charging. 

4. MOD-1463 Portable Charging Table. Portable and Powerful. A smaller bistro height table with (2) wireless pads, LED perimeter lights, and a durable aluminum base. 

event charging station rental

5. MOD-1458 Wireless Bistro Table. Pretty and Popular. Available for purchase or as a rental, this popular charging table is an unassuming upgrade to any event. 

trade show charging station

6. MOD-1706 Parsons Charging Counter. Just Plain Smart. A sophisticated design choice where countertop space and locking storage is required. 

7. MOD-1700c Backlit Charging Counter. Big and Bright. This backlit counter with fabric graphics includes (4) charging pads, an internal shelf, locking storage, and easy modular assembly. 

event charging station rental

8. MOD-1585c Reception Counter. Elegant Curves. Fully assembled, this custom counter has LED toe-kick lighting, vinyl graphics, and ample storage. 

event charging station

9. MOD-1452 Charging Coffee Table. Casual Comfortable. Relax, chat, and charge the phone while talking about business or baseball or BBQ. 

event charging station pink

10. MOD-1486 Conference Charging Table. Show Me the Money. Get down to business with this stylish conference table (slash charging table). Three designs, all with backlit graphics.  

event phone charging station

Want to see even more designs?  With over 60 charging station kits, there’s a counter, table, monitor stand, or kiosk to fit any need. All are customizable, most are modular and easy to assemble.