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Wireless Charging for Trade Show Counters and Tables

August 4th, 2021 COMMENTS

USB and Wireless Charging Options

Charging options for trade show exhibits are not new. However, they’ve rarely been designed to be visually attractive in the booth. How often have you seen a clunky charging stand, more appropriate for a airport than a trade show, in an island or inline exhibit?

Wireless charging pads with USB options are the ideal solution. The pads are unobtrusive and the cord management can be integrated into the overall design. In fact, any flat surface like counters, tables, workstations, and pedestals is perfect for a wireless charging pad (and graphics).

Curious? See the extensive selection of charging solutions in Exhibit Design Search.

Parsons Counter with Locking Storage and Charging Ports
Custom Counter with Storage and Charging Ports
Parsons Counter with Drawer and Charging Ports

–Mel White


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How to Market Wireless Charging Stations

June 14th, 2019 2 COMMENTS
How to Marketing Wireless Charging Stations

This week, I received a promotional email from Plum Grove Inc., a printing and marketing company and a Classic Distributor Partner. I was impressed (and delighted). Not only was the email design attractive, but it was also compelling and timely.

Wireless Charging Station eBroadcast

Recently, we upgraded Classic’s line of InCharg™ Charging Stations by adding wireless capability, a feature found on many Apple and Samsung smartphones (as well as others). Many exhibitors now include charging stations in their trade show booths as a convenience to attendees and to their staff. Plum Grove recognized that trend… and reacted.

See the full email image below. I love the compelling introduction, the benefits and features, and the overall organization. It’s a well-crafted and visually interesting marketing email. Nicely done Plum Grove!

14 Wireless Charging Stations