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Charging your phone at a trade show or event can be frustrating. Power outlets are often inconvenient, if you can find one at all. Smart exhibitors and event organizers are adding attractive and functional charging solutions for phones and tablets. With over 50 solutions, Classic Exhibits has a wide range of charging designs perfect for any situation. These range from towers to tables and counters to kiosks. All come with USB A & C ports and most include wireless charging pads.

Next step… Customize your charging solution with dynamic graphics, colorful laminates, and LED accent lights, including programmable RGB options to match your branding. Charging options are available for most counters, pedestals, and workstations. Just ask. Your customers will appreciate charging their phone or tablet in your booth (and your exhibit staff will be thrilled as well).

Rent or Buy a Charging Station or Charging Table

MOD-1471 | Wireless Power Tower

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MOD-1479 | Custom Charging Table

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MOD-1465 | Charging Bistro Table

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MOD-1706 | Wireless Parsons Counter

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Classic Exhibits has been amazing to work with over the years. They are responsive, flexible, creative, dependable, and so much more. They are a great option for both purchase and rental displays of any size. I highly recommend them.

- Stacy Parizek, Bella Creative

Classic always been awesome. Portable displays, island displays, custom wood construction and modular, small projects and large, for sale or rent -- the Classic team has done them all. They provide great customer service with caring and knowledgeable project managers and designers.

- Rob Boyce, Display Hero

Classic has produced many exhibits for us and provided awesome service. Portable displays, island displays, custom wood construction and modular, small projects and large, for sale or rent -- you’ve done them all. You also provide great customer service to back those products. Your people are knowledgeable and aware of the distributor and exhibitors' needs.

- Lori Stewart, DCI Management

Charging Station FAQ

What is a Charging Station?

Charging towers, counters, and tables are designed for charging phones, tablets, and laptops at events, trade shows, and exhibitions. And unlike a traditional charging station, like those at an airport, modern chargers are designed to blend seamlessly into your branding by incorporating your graphics and branding.

How Much Does a Phone Charging Station Cost?

On most designs, the charging hardware is the least expensive portion of the changing solution. The overall cost is more dependent on the size, shape, and features of the design. For example, backlit graphics, conference tables, accent lighting, and locking storage all increase the price but are “must have” essentials for many exhibitors. Fortunately, there’s a wide price range to meet almost any budget.

Can I Order a Custom Charging Table?

Of course, We encourage you to customize your phone charging solution with graphics, laminates, and lighting. Even the shape can be customized. The ideal charging station is the one that perfectly fits your design requirements.

How Can I Learn More About Purchasing a Charging Station?

We want to hear from you. Call us, complete the Contact form, or take a moment to ask us a question(s) in our Live Chat. It’s that simple. Plus, we encourage you to explore some of your options in Exhibit Design Search, our online exhibit design database. Use it to identify designs and features you like.

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