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Your Recent Order | Distributor Feedback Emails

December 20th, 2017 COMMENTS

Classic Exhibits Distributor Feedback

Thank You for Your Recent Order

For the past 10 years, we have sent feedback requests to Classic Exhibits Distributors. These are emailed about every three weeks, and depending on the time of year, we send 20-30 requests each time. Not every order receives a feedback email. Instead, we target a mix of distributors. It’s not a survey. Just an open-ended request for your thoughts, good or bad.

The feedback email reads:

Dear Susie,

Thank you for your recent order — 12345 Custom Inline Exhibit

Nothing is more important than hearing from you. As a Classic Exhibits distributor, your feedback serves two purposes: it tells us what we did well or, if there was a problem, how we can fix it.

There are no multiple choice questions. Simply reply to this email. Write as much or as little as you like about this order or about any other topic regarding Classic Exhibits.

I look forward to your response

Sincerely, Mel

p.s. Seriously, we want to hear from you. In appreciation, we’ll email you a $10 Starbucks gift card. What could be better than caffeine? Well, lots of things, but that’s all we have in the budget.

Nearly all the feedback is positive. And when it’s not, it’s constructive.

Blog posts should always be reader-centric, not company focused, but I’m going to violate that rule this one time. Below are recent feedback comments from Classic Distributors. The respondent’s name was excluded but not the company.

Classic Exhibits Distributor Feedback

Recent Feedback Responses

Mel, the client totally loved it!  They were so thrilled they ordered a second larger one!

It was fun for me to see a client so excited about a new piece of equipment. Great job, Classic!

–Exhibit Expressions

Your light box is what sold them! We have shown them many different designs and layouts over the years and nothing sparked an interest with them. They loved working with our team, but we couldn’t get a design they were happy with. Until you  guys showed up. 🙂 The client (and me) loved the clean design of the light box. I have worked with many light boxes in my time and I have never seen one as good as how Classic does it. I always struggle with shadowing with the lights inside of the box or them not being bright enough.

The ease of set up with the light box is also something that was a key selling point to my client. I am not the handy type but I could put this booth together. That is saying a lot!

All in all your product, your team, and your customer service was IMPECCABLE and I look forward to many future jobs with you.

–Apogee Exhibits and Environments

This order went quite seamless. The client received many praises during setup mentioning how good they looked.

The only area of improvement I’d like to see, is a quicker turnaround on production pictures. I often do not receive them before product ships or even until I request them. There is a piece of mind seeing pictures prior anything leaving anyone’s facility direct to show. In the rare case something isn’t quite right, and could be remedied while at the shop.

Other than that, I’m always confident my orders are completed on time with little to no issues ever arising.

–Impact XM

Hey Mel,

Working with your team is always a breeze. Katina had renderings of the booth the day after I requested it, and Jeff had the quote the day after that. They both made selling this very easy with the quick turnarounds. Everything went very smoothly, even when slight changes were made. The client is very happy with their booth. They used it as a 10 x 10 for the first show. They are gearing up to use it as a 10’ x 20’ at the end of October.

Thanks again to Classic and your excellent team.


Hi Mel,

All is well in general. We have not heard from the client regarding this particular job since we had Momentum I&D it.  Your team has been great to work with on all of our Classic Exhibits projects.  I hope you can keep the ship headed on this course.  We appreciate what you and your team does for us.

— Eagle Exhibit Services

Hi Mel,

I was waiting to hear back from my client before I sent this to you. They were extremely happy with the service and the final product. She is absolutely in love with the booth! She also keeps asking me to thank, Jeff Garrett, as he was wonderful to work with and did a great job getting the booth closer to her budget by a few changes and the look she wanted. Thanks again!


Classic offers great exhibit solutions, and the exhibit itself was a great looking display. The client seemed to be happy with the outcome.

The staff was very helpful and responsive, so I have only positive comments.

–2020 Exhibits

Hi Mel,

Kevin Schuhl did a great job meeting my clients booth requirements while keeping their budget in mind. He provided both a basic budget-friendly concept and one with more of the requested “wow” factor. My client ended up going with the “wow” option.  Working with Bob Beuhl was also a good experience. He kept us informed and the project on track.

My only negative would be that the white blocker panels were left out of the original shipment and arrived the morning the show opened. Thankfully, I was on-site and able to install them myself rather than having labor come back out and be billed a four hour minimum.

I do appreciate that we were able to start the order with only a PO and pay the 50% deposit prior to shipping. Our client was late getting a deposit to us and we really did not have time to delay the order.

— Exhibits South

Finally, on behalf of Classic Exhibits, our sincere thanks to those who take the time to respond to these requests. They are very, very, very much appreciated! Do you have feedback you would like to share? No need to wait for the feedback email. Simply send an email to Kevin, Jen, or me. Better yet, give us a call. We welcome your input.

–Mel White


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