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Taking It Up a Notch! — The “Classic Exhibitionists” Run for a Cause

May 27th, 2014 COMMENTS

flasherClassic Family and Friends

Each year, a group from Classic Exhibits, our vendor partners, and friends raise money for Cancer Research/Awareness.

In the past, we have accomplished this through bike rides ranging from 75 miles – 100 miles. This year, we are taking it to a whole new level!! We are going to run 199 miles! That’s right, I said WE ARE GOING TO RUN 199 MILES. From Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast. The event is called Hood to Coast. And believe it or not, we have fun doing it. 🙂

A team of twelve, along with four volunteer drivers and helpers, will embark on this 199 mile run to raise awareness and more importantly funds for Cancer Research. The facility is the Providence Cancer Research/Care Center. It’s located in Portland and is near and dear to the Classic Exhibits Family. Why Providence you ask? Easy — Mike Swartout, the Design Director at Classic Exhibits, that’s why!

Mike Swartout

MikeA few years ago, Mike heard the news no one wants to hear, “You have Cancer.” And in Mike’s case it was particularly bad — Advanced Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. His PSA was 2640. That is not a typo.

With the research and care provided by Providence Cancer Research/Care Center, Mike is still with us today. Mike agreed to participate in many experimental treatments/studies to help find a cure for this dreaded disease. Mike has outlasted the early prediction of only living a few months to having survived over several years.

His selfless approach as a guinea pig has allowed Providence to advance amazing treatments such as Provenge to the point of FDA approval. This drug is stopping the course of prostate cancer in many patients who are now getting diagnosed, something that Mike and all of us are very proud of.

So, with Mike’s permission and urging, we decided to “Take It Up a Notch” to raise money for the Cancer Research Center in his honor. Which is where you come in!

Sponsor Us with One Click

199 Miles for Cancer Research

199 Miles for Cancer Research

Please consider sponsoring the Exhibitionists via our Crowdrise Page:

Our goal is modest, just $20,000.  That’s just over $100 per mile.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. And goes 100% towards Providence Cancer Research/Care Center to allow them to continue to provide the great care and attention patients like Mike and others around the country are receiving due to their tremendous work.

So, let me be corny in saying, help support us please while we “expose” ourselves to Cancer Awareness by donating to our 199 mile run.

On our previous bike rides, we would be honored and grateful to run with the names of your loved ones that are battling or have lost their battle to this disease. So please make sure you email me their names so I can have them included on our shirts.

Again, click on the link to to donate.

And as a survivor of Cancer, I thank you for your time and your donations to help find a cure.

Be well.

Kevin Carty

p.s. Some may remember Providence from their clever Pink Glove video several years ago. Almost 14 million views.