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RECENT Exhibit Design Search Updates (see the GIFs)

May 6th, 2014 COMMENTS

MOD-1334 | iPad Kiosk

Your Branded Exhibit Design Search

Nearly every month, we push functional or visual changes to your branded Exhibit Design Search website. Some you may notice. Some you may not.

Do you want to know a secret? I’m a obsessed with EDS (OK, that may be the world’s worst kept secret). And I force Tony, Glenna, and everyone else at Classic Exhibits to share that obsession. If only there was a 10 step program for an EDS addict?

It’s been a while since we blogged about EDS updates. Here are the major changes.

  1. My Gallery.
    • "" style="width: 300px;"

      My Gallery

      Faster: Tony revised the code so clicking on “Add to My Gallery” is faster.

    • Cooler: There’s now a URL option. This one is a little hard to explain until you try it, but copy the URL in the “Send My Selections” tab. Send it in a normal email. When the recipient receives it, it will add the kits to their My Gallery. Perfect for building a gallery between two, three, or 14,561 people.
    • Try It
    • Smarter: You can now send Trade Show Tips via the My Gallery tool.
  2. Product Gallery Headers. We’ve made them much prettier. Larger graphics and a cleaner layout. See Island Designs for example.
  3. Side Menu. On sites with a side menu, there is now a context aware menu for sizes. The Visionary Designs gallery shows it well.
  4. Descriptive Images. This one is brand spanking new. Soon there will be descriptive images showing “Backlighting,” “Reconfigures,” “Portable,” etc. Go to the Tablet Kiosk/Stand gallery where you’ll see the Apple and Windows logos on the thumbnails.
  5. Price Slider. Now you can choose your Low and High when search for prices. Start with the Advanced Search option.

Price Slider

I’m planning an Exhibit Design Search Tips and Tricks webinar this summer to cover this and other new features. Watch for the email in June.

–Mel White


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