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What the Summer Brings: Word on the Street — June 25th thru June 29th

July 1st, 2012 COMMENTS

The sales doldrums of June, July, and August always bring uncertainty and opportunity. Like you, we try to use the time wisely to finish lingering projects and untapped challenges.

So far this summer, we have been busy (enough), especially with non-trade show projects, but that hasn’t prevented us from checking off items on our “To Do List.”

New Hires and Personnel Moves

  • Tony Bennett — Web Developer (who many of you know already. See the blog post). Tony will be managing our Web Development Department, a service available to our distributors.
  • New Set-up Instructions Project Manager — We are welcoming another new staff member this Monday, Cynthia, who will  lead our Set-up PM Department. We are excited for the skill set she brings to the group.
  • An Additional Project Manager – Jeff Garrett, our Set-up PM Lead, is moving into a full-time Project Manager position. Jeff has proven to be very skilled in his current role, but clearly he has the motivation, personality and talent to become a great PM in Customer Service (in a department already filled with great project managers).

On the Road

  • Reid Sherwood — As many of you know, Reid is staring in his own version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles this summer visiting distributors throughout the East and Midwest. According to his reports, many of you are busy and there is renewed optimism for the fall.
  • Red Diamond Congress — I will be in Chicago for an EDPA Board Meeting on the 9th of July and will also be attending the Red Diamond Congress on the 10th and the 11th. Looking forward to reporting back on both meetings. If you are attending the Red Diamond Congress, please let me know.

Internal Projects

  • Going in Style

    Graphic Dims — I am most excited about the Template/Details Project that the PM’s are working on. They are working to complete many of the Graphics Dim Sheets and Detail Sheets, making Exhibit Design Search even more comprehensive beginning this fall.

  • Remodeled Bathrooms — Admittedly you may not care about this, unless you visit us and need to use the loo, but thanks to Vitaliy and Alex, we have newly remodeled bathrooms, complete with a shower for the runners and bike riders at Classic.
  • Lighting Upgrades — We installed new high efficiency lighting complete with sensors that are triggered by our many skylights. This means that when the daylight is bright enough, the lights turn off. Other areas are now controlled by motion sensors and only come on when there is activity. Pretty cool, responsible, and saves up to 50% on our electrical bill in our shop.


  • Design Projects — Our designers have been hard at work on new Custom Hybrid Inlines. You’ve seen them featured in Design Monday recently. For much of July and August, we will shift our attention to a series of new Island Exhibits.
  • Other Projects — Retail and semi-permanent displays have been the topic of the day for the past six weeks. Some very cool stuff for some very large athletic companies. Also, two new initiatives related to semi-permanent, multi-location, and multi-function kiosks. More on those in the next few weeks as they are completed. Very cool and exciting projects.


  • New Extrusion Depot — We are only about four short weeks away from the announcement! This new depot will provide not just a location that you can access full sticks of ClassicMODUL extrusion, but also one where we will do a lot of production as well. I am itching to tell you all about the location . . . soon!
  • Shared Knowledge University (SKU) in September — The dates are set! September 24-25 (Monday and Tuesday) at our facility here in Oregon. We will send out full details later this month. I am looking forward to seeing 20-30 of you. Take a look at your schedule and see if you can arrange to attend. Obviously space is limited so reserve your spot now by sending an email to me or to Mel. Classic pays for your lodging and food while you are here.
  • Training, Training, Training . . . on our bikes that is. The guys from Club 815 are hard at work preparing for our upcoming Century Challenge for Cancer in support of Mike Swartout. Please check out the details and don’t forget to send in your support! Please donate at the link above. A little means a lot.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Be well! Happy 4th of July.

–Kevin Carty