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How to Upgrade Your Post-COVID Office Environment on a Budget

May 26th, 2020 COMMENTS
Post-COVID Office Dividers

Over the past month, we’ve seen a surge in office design requests as companies prepare for their employees to return. For example, a large property management group contacted a Classic Distributor. They requested upgrades to their existing cubicles to provide better protection for their employees.

Here is a photo of the existing layout with traditional cubicles.

Office without personal protection dividers

Classic Designers showed how they could add these simple powder-coated aluminum frames and plex panels to add protection without decreasing visibility. It meant they could re-purpose their existing office furniture with a seamless, cost-effective solution.

Office with plex dividers using existing desks and cubicles.

By upgrading the existing cubicles and desks, the company was able to create a spaces that were more hygienic while maintaining visibility. See the gallery below for more examples of cost-effective ways to transform a pre-existing cubicles and desks.

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