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Shooting from the Hip — 1.10

April 29th, 2010 COMMENTS
Shooting from the Hip (trade show tips)

Shooting from the Hip

Starting this week, you will see a weekly blog posting from me, typically not more than a paragraph or two (or three). Look for it on Wednesday or Thursday.

I intend to write about the ups and downs (hopefully more ups) of our customers and share their success stories. Since failure is not an option, I won’t give credence (not Clearwater Revival) to anyone’s misfortune. And yes, there will be things blogged here that have no relevance to the exhibit industry. There will be travel tips. There will be hunting and fishing updates. But mostly, it will be about the trade show life we have chosen for our careers.

Interestingly enough, for late April almost May, there is a fair amount of business activity.  It seems like companies have neglected their trade show marketing long enough, and we’re seeing more orders and quotes. I am not talking about fantasyland 20 x 20 islands with a $4500 budget and a lot of backlit graphics. I am talking about 10 x 20 inlines with $35k budgets. Hugh Baldus from The Baldus Company actually closed one of those last week with a SIX WEEK LEAD TIME.  I’m hearing about an order for multiple Perfect 10 Displays. Portable hybrids being sung in any tune has a nice ring to it, and Scott Lindsay from The Lindsay Exhibit Group is singing that song. Conversations with distributors are happy for a change. It isn’t all doom and gloom.

The steelhead are still in the river.  The grouse are drumming in the evening.  Spring is in the air.  Until next week . . .

–Reid Sherwood

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