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SuperNova Lightboxes “JUST DO IT.” Project: Word on the Street — July 15th thru July 19th

July 20th, 2013 COMMENTS
SuperNova "JUST DO IT" Project: Word on the Street -- July 15th thru July 19th

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

The first image in the slide show below says it all: “NIKE IS A BRAND.” And once again, in partnership with one of our trusted Retail/Corporate Environment partners, we were able to make that brand come to life this week.

Nike, the recognized leader in sporting apparel worldwide, is on the cusp of opening a new Call Center to support their website on Monday. And in true Nike fashion, they went all out in the design of their new building space. Classic Exhibits was able to play a small, yet impactful, part of that space.

With SuperNova™ LED Technology in our bag of tricks, we built out the perimeter walls of the entire work space. As you can see from the images, the impact is real . . . real spectacular that is! Normally, I would list all the sizes, fabric, ClassicMODUL extrusion profiles, etc. But this time, I’ll let the photos do what photos do so well.

Nike is a Brand

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Nike Call Center #1

The process, as always, went wonderfully smooth. We started about six weeks ago with the Design Team which included folks from Ivey Performance Marketing, Nike, Jim Ponomarenko (our Production Manager) and me. We reviewed the creative ideas they had, the construction drawings for the space, and then went to work designing the lightboxes to integrate into the space as it was being built.

Timing is always tricky on Corporate Environments and Retail Spaces. Meaning you have to work your part into the existing construction schedule. And again, as is often the case when working with our friends at Ivey, everything timed out perfectly. The installation was completed around noon on Friday (today as I am writing this), just in time for Monday’s grand opening. On Monday, the first 50 employees report to work at the space. Then more follow the following week.

To say we are proud is an understatement. Nike is a brand mavin, and pleasing them and doing their brand justice made us very proud indeed!

Hope you enjoy the images . . . and mentally put these in your hip pocket. Most of your clients have office and or retail spaces as well. Consider what SuperNova™ LED Lightboxes could do for their spaces. What better way to get even deeper into your client’s overall brand experience! See the video of the final installation to see the overall presentation.

Have a fantastic weekend!




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