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What are People Buying?: Word on the Street — September 16th thru September 20th

September 22nd, 2013 COMMENTS
What are People Buying?: Word on the Street — September 16th thru September 20th

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

At least five times a day, I am asked by distributors:  “So what are you seeing in exhibit design? What are people buying?” I love when I am asked that question. It’s usually an indication that we’re all busy.

So what’s selling? . . . Portable and custom hybrids with tension fabric graphics continue to drive the ship, but the biggest sales superstar right now – – iPad Stands!

If you have been to Classic, then you know my office is above Accounting and next to Design. Everyday, I walk up and down those stairs 15-20 times. On my way to Customer Service or the Set-up area, I generally tour Production to see what is being built and shipping that day.

Without fail, I always see multiple iPad Stands, an iPad enclosure, or some creative way we are integrating an iPad or other tablet into an exhibit. From Islands to Table tops and everything in between. And while I see lots of standard “kits,” I also see lots of customized applications as well.

iPad Stands

Classic Exhibits has devoted more than two years to designing a wide assortment of tablet solutions into exhibits of all shapes and sizes. We are clearly the leader. I say that not because I’m bragging, but because we have devoted enormous R&D, Design, and Marketing effort to achieve that position. The proof is in the pudding. Not a day goes by that we are not shipping 5-25 iPad kiosks or enclosures.

Design and innovation has certainly been the driver. From the get-go, we applied for Design and Utility patents because we wanted to protect not only our intellectual property, but also ensure that Classic Distributors had a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace. Those distributors who have embraced iPad Solutions and have marketed them consistently and aggressively are reaping the rewards of their efforts.

Aside from design, the other element that stands out is the “secret sauce,” such as our “Port\Land” Swivel Stop Technology. Whether you’re using an iPad or some other tablet unit, such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or ASUS, this feature really sets the Classic products apart from those Johnny Come Lately knockoffs. All are clunky, heavy, and less functional, even those units that have “attempted” to copy the same design features.

It’s one thing to “copy” as opposed to “innovate.” Innovation requires a well thought out process that:  a). focuses on your customers, b). understands how they will use it, c). designs it to be attractive and functional, and d). engineers it to be durable and lightweight. Copying does none of that.

iPad Kiosks

I digress. Whether you are building a dynamic island design or just a freestanding interactive kiosk, please keep our iPad Solutions in mind. They are an affordable and a practical accessory to any exhibit.

Thank you for your continued support of Classic Exhibits. We welcome your design and R&D suggestions.

Hope you have a great weekend with your families. Talk to you next week.





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