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SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to Brumark’s Flooring Galleries in EDS — WOW!

July 2nd, 2013 COMMENTS

Brumark Flooring Galleries

Brumark has made significant changes and additions to the Flooring — Carpet and Padding and Flooring – Other Options galleries of Exhibit Design Search!

In addition to enhanced product descriptions and updated images, they’ve added a variety of flooring products to meet just about any application and budget requirement. Here’s Brumark’s description of the changes:

New Exhibit Carpet – The very popular 10′ Advantage Carpet line has been expanded. In addition to 10′ wide Advantage Carpet in 16 oz., 30 oz. and 50 oz. weights and a variety of stylish colors, we’ve added the new NexGen 10′. This quality 10′ wide carpet comes in nine vibrant, fade-resistant colors and is offered at a significant value. NexGen 10′ is available in 16 oz. and 28 oz. weights.

Additional Styles of FlexFloor Rollable Vinyl Flooring – FlexFloor is extremely convenient and easy to use — it rolls out and then back up for fast, simple installation. We added the Stone Works Collection, which provides the look of natural stone, as well two Designer collections. The Designer I collection is designed for single-use only, providing an economical option for clients who need a one-time flooring solution. The Designer II collection has four styles, including white, that can be used multiple times.

Printable Flooring – We’re also excited to add a printed flooring option that gives your clients a convenient and attention-grabbing way to extend their branding or theme to the floor. With FlexFloor Clear Choice, the image is custom-printed on the back side of the clear, rollable vinyl flooring for maximum image life. And of course FlexFloor Clear Choice has all the benefits of the FlexFloor line, including fast roll-out installation.

Elevate Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring – We added four raised flooring options that give your clients a way to create a distinctive look and easily manage their utilities. The Elevate Raised Flooring System consists of strong polycarbonate tiles and is designed to be easy to set up, level and dismantle. Clients can easily use carpet, FlexFloor or other options on the surface.

The cutting-edge A&P Flooring System is designed to easily adapt to your clients’ changing exhibit needs. The super-strong anodized aluminum frame installs to almost any size with no tools needed, and then custom infill panels just set into place. This allows users to create almost any size floor and then easily customize it. A&P holds up to 3.5 tons per square meter – including vehicles – and can be used indoors or out.

The Altitude R&R Raised Flooring System is unique in that it has an interchangeable top surface and a durable subfloor that can be reused many times. This gives clients a very convenient and cost-effective way to update the look of their flooring without having to invest in an entirely new floor.

And the TraxFlex Hardwood Flooring System provides a simple and cost-effective way to use real hardwood flooring for exhibits and events. This innovative raised floor quickly and easily installs on spring-mounted tracks — no tools required. It’s extremely durable and reusable. And because the spring-mounted tracks allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the hardwood, TraxFlex can be used indoors or in covered outdoor areas.

PromoDek Flooring

Modular Flooring – The PromoDek Modular Display Flooring System is another ultra-convenient way you clients can get multiple flooring options from their investment. It features standard components that easily click together to create a platform in almost any size or shape. The surface can be updated in minutes with new materials or printed graphics, and the floor is easy to resize, reposition and reconfigure. Plus, PromoDek is strong enough to hold cars! In addition to trade shows, this is also a great option for product demonstration, sales meetings and more.

Chilewich Tiles – We’re also pleased to add Chilewich Tiles with BioFelt™ to Exhibit Design Search. This is another very convenient option. The comfortable, 18″ x 18″ woven vinyl tiles provide a modern, upscale look. They can be installed with adhesives, but the new BioFelt backing also allows you to install the tiles with Velcro®. This makes it very easy to install, reposition, remove and reuse the tiles. Not to mention, they are an eco-friendly flooring choice made from 82% recycled content. Chilewich Tiles are available in Bamboo, Basketweave, Frost, Rib Weave and Lounge styles, in a variety of modern colors.

With all these new flooring options, there’s something for everyone. We encourage you to take some time to check out the expanded flooring galleries and contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


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