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10 Things Bosses Never Tell Employees, But Should: Word on the Street — September 1st thru September 5th

September 6th, 2014 COMMENTS
Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

So, it’s Friday, September 5. The end of the first week of what is often one of the craziest months for orders and quotes. And it’s BUSY! And we thank you for that.

I have been thinking all week about what to write. Several thoughts came to mind, usually influenced by “in the moment circumstances,” but none seemed to hit me just right.  Then, a LinkedIn Pulse hit my inbox, one I felt compelled to share.

So forgive me if it seems like I am just passing along an article, which I am. In doing so, I am not positive I agree 100%, but I can relate to 100% of his points. Give it a read and share your thoughts and comments. My thanks to Jeff Haden, the author, for the article and the inspiration.

10 Things Bosses Never Tell Employees, But Should

1. “I really do care whether you like me.”
5. “I hope you work here forever.”
6. “We sell what we can sell.”
8. “I do notice when others don’t pull their weight.”
10. “I worry — about everything.”

For the full article, click here.

As a boss of sorts, I hope my style negates the need for many of the statements he makes, meaning I hope that, if polled, our employees would say that I do much of this already or express many of the feelings that come with Jeff’s statements. But, it did make me question if that is really the case.

Regardless, it was a sound reminder on this Friday to be conscious of what I share. And hopefully of how I am perceived.

One thing is for sure. The Team at Classic will agree when I say,  “I don’t know everything.” 🙂

Have a great weekend with your families. I would love to hear from you.




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