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New LIGHTNING DEAL on Exhibit Design Search

September 16th, 2013 COMMENTS

Effective today, there’s a new feature on Exhibit Design Search — Lightning Deal. The Lightning Deal (LD) button appears on the Home Page between Display Type and Search.

Lightning Deal vs. Specials

Currently, there is a Specials Gallery. Specials last anywhere from 30-60 days and include a range of products and price points. A Lightning Deal will be priced more aggressively than a Special, typically 5-10 percent more. There will be only (1) one “active” Lightning Deal per week; however, we will honor the LD price for another week. So, technically, all LD’s are two weeks long. All LD’s are pre-configured kits, with no substitutions or modifications.

Why the Lightning Deal?

  1. Although Exhibit Design Search is first and foremost a search tool, it should also be seen as a transaction tool. The LD button will reinforce that with exhibit buyers.
  2. “Weekly” deals should increase visits to Distributor-branded EDS sites. Those visits are already very good, but increasing them even more is always a plus.
  3. It’s our hope that aggressive deals with shorter time frames “may” assist in closing certain orders faster. When the clock is ticking . . . .

Let us know if there are any kits or product lines you’d like to see featured as a Lightning Deal. We are open to any and all suggestions.

This week we are featuring the VK-1240 Magellan Magic Hybrid Display. Next week? Well, you’ll have to come back and check. 😉


–Mel White


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