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Spring SKU 2013 Graduation: Word on the Street — May 6th thru May 10th

May 12th, 2013 COMMENTS
SKU Spring 2013 Graduation: Word on the Street -- May 6th thru May 10th

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

To the Spring 2013 SKU Graduates

What can I say? I am honored you attended Shared Knowledge University. Thanks for participating in an amazing SKU. By the email commentary (that’s still going on), I feel confident in saying that we had the most successful session yet. For those who attended, please share your thoughts in the blog comment section. Future SKU attendees need to hear from you!

SKU has proven to be an effective training program, and a chance to connect, to share ideas, to welcome new team members, and to strengthen existing relationships. This time was no different. We had a diverse blend of newbies, industry pros, and everything in between. All came prepared with great questions as well as thoughtful suggestions and recommendations.

Content Content Content is something I have always admired about a good training program or open house. And from the feedback — we delivered. Big thanks to Chris Griffin from TS Crew and Dave Brown from Optima Graphics for providing great sessions. Very well done men!!

Shared Knowledge University

Along with our guest speakers, I have to tell you I am always so impressed by our staff and partners and the roles they play. Eric Albery from Eco-Systems Sustainable and from Classic — Cynthia Geddis, Jen LaBruzza, Reid Sherwood, Jim Shelman, Wade West, Charlie Shivel, Mike Swartout, Katina Rigall, and James Sharpe. You did a great job, and I am proud of you as co-workers, professionals, and people. Thanks for representing the company that I love so much.

And who can forget Mel White! Another stellar job leading the way. And thanks for embracing the new moniker “Melberace” — a truly fabulous tradeshow mascot.

So what did we learn aside from the obvious Classic Exhibits production offerings, benefits, and advantages? A lot! But here are a few highlights I would like to share.

1) Apparently our guests believe that the “R” in Portland is silent (clearly, they’ve been watching too much Portlandia).

2) If you’re going to be a nice guy, be a really nice guy! (stolen from my father-in-law and mentor Lowell Nickens).

3) Blue Jeans  are controversial.

4) It’s never fun when “your feeling a little grumbly in the ole’ meow mixer.”

5) Group A ROCKS!

The Detention Room

6) Sacagawea may have been a candidate for an early episode of Teen Mom if television had been around.

7) On a wild van ride back from dinner at The Kennedy School — “I don’t think we’ve ever had an SKU group quite like this.”

8) It ALWAYS rains in Portland, and it is filled with dirty stinky hippies (don’t ever forget that class!).

9) Reid Sherwood is always at home in a “detention room” of some sort.

10) Habanero Fritters are just as hot as they sound, even when you only eat 1/4 of one.

11) The knobs are f—-ing priceless!

12) Doing business with friends is truly the only path to Shared Success.

Once again, thanks to the attendees. I enjoyed meeting the new folks and connecting with those I already knew. You are all wonderful people, and the Classic Exhibits Family looks forward to working with for many, many years to come.

Have a wonderful weekend!

And to the attendee that blurted out “Wife Swap” when asked about their guilty TV pleasure, please, oh please, seek help.

Kevin Carty



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