Done well, LED lightboxes are mesmerizing at a trade show, retail store, or an office environment. Done poorly, it’s like spaghetti sauce on a white shirt. Visible and not so appealing. Hi, this is Mel from Classic Exhibits with a Summer Sales Tip.

LED Lightboxes are everywhere. Yet, the market is still relatively untapped. Consider the typical corporate lobby or conference room. Both are ideal for an LED lightbox promoting the company mission, values, or goals. And once installed, the SEG graphics are a steady source of repeat business.

However, LED lightboxes are no different than any other product. Quality varies considerably such as soft aluminum that scratches, weak connections that leak light, inferior LED modules, and non-high definition printing on thin, cheap fabric.

So why are Classic’s SuperNova™ Lightboxes better? Four reasons: (1) We specify AA6560 aluminum with a T6 hardness, which means our lightboxes are structural, durable, and mar resistant. (2) Both the single and double-sided profiles connect with hundreds of MODUL extrusions and accessories, making them extraordinarily versatile. (3) Our proprietary LED modules will outlast and outshine every other LED lightbox on the market. And (4) Like everything else we build, SuperNova™ Lightboxes are easy to install and even easier to pack.

If you have questions about our SuperNova™ Lightboxes and Exhibits, please give us a call. And as always, we appreciate your business, your friendship, and your advice. Thanks.

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