Summer Sales Tips Portable Hybrid Displays

We take our tools for granted, that is until they fail. Then we discover the difference between a Craftsman with a C and a Kraftsman with a K. Hi, this is Mel from Classic Exhibits with another Summer Sales Tip.

Portable Hybrids like Perfect 10, Magellan, and Sacagawea share basic similarities with cheaper imported hybrids. They are lightweight displays that feature fabric graphics and ship in roto-molded cases. After that, they are world’s apart.

Let’s start with the metal. Not all aluminum extrusion is identical in quality. We specify AA6560 aluminum with a T6 hardness, which means our portable hybrids are structural, durable, and mar resistant. A Classic portable will look the same at the 25th show as it did at the very first show.

Then there’s assembly and packaging. There’s no guesswork with the Perfect 10, Magellan, or Sacagawea. All three use easy knob-assisted assembly. In addition, every display comes with detailed instructions, the components are individually numbered, and the parts are packed in reusable die-cut foam. No other portable hybrid, domestic or imported, makes that commitment to both ease-of-use and quality. Nobody!

When it comes to the fabric graphics, most are printed on the auto industry equivalent of a 65 Chevy Impala. It looks cool… until you put it next to a 2017 Ferrari. Classic Portable Hybrids default to 4K graphic technology, the latest generation of dye-sublimation printing. With 4K you’ll see brighter colors, sharper details, and vivid resolution.

If you have any questions about our Lightweight Portable Hybrids, please give us a call. And as always, we appreciate your business, your friendship, and your advice. Thanks.

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