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Resolution Calculator
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Calculator provided by Astor Group
  • Full, native, layered files in one of three formats (PhotoShop .psd, Illustrator .ai, or InDesign .indd**)
  • We would prefer that the files be setup in CMYK color mode
  • Include a 2" bleed on all size (Setup Artboard to final print size and extend art 2" beyond) 
  • All images must be at a minimum of 150 dpi at the output size
  • Place any images within the file as links and submit the images along with the design files (unless submitted in PhotoShop in which case each image should have its own layer)
  • *When saving an Illustrator file be sure that the box next to "Include Linked Files" check box is NOT checked. You will need to provide the image files along with the .AI file
  • All fonts must be outlined or converted to vector objects
  • Specify any Pantone (PMS) colors or spot colors where color matching is necessary
  • If PMS colors are not available but color matching is key, please provide printed sample to match
  • **For InDesign files you should choose File>Package to gather all fonts and images linked within your file then submit the packaged folder as a zipped or compressed file