Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibits

Lightweight Modular Laminate Panels

Fabric and Laminate Finishes

Flat and Curved Panels

Seamless Alignment

Concealed Stacking System

Jumbo Tubs and Roto-molded packing


  • Slatwall
  • Lightboxes
  • Shelving
  • Headers
  • Standoff Graphic Options

Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibits

With Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibits, there's no need to compromise. Euro LT offers all the benefits of a sophisticated laminate design but at a price significantly less than a traditional custom exhibit. You get modular flexibility, solid lightweight construction, and easy assembly -- and the choice of thousands of laminate finishes.

As your trade show marketing evolves, the Euro LT adapts -- converting from an inline to an island simply by adding or removing modular components. No other exhibit can match the Euro LT for price, performance, flexibility, and elegance.



 Modular Laminate Construction
 Two-Sided 5/8” Panels
 Modular and Custom Modular Designs
 Inlines and Islands
 Thousands of Laminate Choices
 Packs Flat for Shipping
 Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship