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So why should you show your client a sustainable exhibit, even if they never mentioned wanting a “green display”? Because it’s in your best interest. And their’s. Hi, this is Mel from Classic Exhibits with another Summer Sales Tip.

First, let’s clear up three misconceptions.

  1. Sustainable exhibits are more expensive. In fact, many recycled materials are less expensive than the non-green versions.
  2. Sustainable designs are constrained by the materials available. Absolutely not. Eco-systems uses aluminum extrusion, wood, acrylics, and foam, just like any other exhibit manufacturer. They simply choose to use the green versions.
  3. Sustainable displays are of lesser quality. Honestly, that’s just silly and wrong. The materials are of equal or better quality, and all Eco-systems displays are built at the Classic Exhibits facility using the same CNC equipment and comparable reusable packaging, labeling, and instructions.

So why should you or your client consider a sustainable exhibit from Eco-systems? Design. It’s really that simple. Design sells. The eSmart Galleries in Exhibit Design Search are packed with attractive contemporary displays from inlines to islands and counters to kiosks.

And whether you need a modified kit or a solution designed to your client’s exact specifications, the Eco-systems designers can accommodate any exhibit challenge. Just because your client hasn’t mentioned a sustainable exhibit solution, it doesn’t mean they won’t fall in love with a beautiful custom modular exhibit, that just happens to be green.

If you haven’t contacted them before, give them a call at 866-463-2611. Or visit the Eco website at And as always, we appreciate your business, your friendship, and your advice. Thanks.

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