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Phrases like “Opposites Attract” and “Haste Makes Waste” are obvious clichés. But what about the phrase “Design Sells?” How important is design when choosing a trade show exhibit? Hi, this is Mel from Classic Exhibits with another Summer Sales Tip.

Every exhibitor makes design decisions when purchasing a display. Sometimes it’s easy, like “I’ll take that table top.” But most of the time, it’s much more complicated. At Classic Exhibits, we believe that design matters when selecting the perfect exhibit, and we see our role as providing our distributors with design resources and in-house creative talent.

Many Classic Distributors have exhibit and graphic designers. They are talented professionals who are often challenged with impossible timelines. The Classic Design Department supports them in multiple ways. For example:

  • They make recommendations based on their knowledge of Classic Systems, such as Gravitee or ClassicMODUL
  • They share 3D Max files of existing kits from our design library
  • They complete designs based on information from distributors and their clients. The designs range from rebranding an existing kit to a brand new custom display

For distributors without in-house 3D designers, Classic assumes that role. That can include:

  • Consulting with them on display solutions
  • Creating a My Gallery of ideas to share with their clients
  • Speaking directly with their client as their designer
  • Completing designs, including rebrands, customized displays, and custom exhibits

While it’s easy to grumble that the Internet has made trade show displays a commodity, it’s also made the personalization of upscale exhibits more important. That’s when the phrase “Design Sells” isn’t a cliché.

We invite you to contact the Classic Exhibits Design Department. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email at And as always, we appreciate your business, your friendship, and your advice. Thanks.

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