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Are You Experiencing Virtual Exhibit Paralysis?

October 9th, 2020 COMMENTS

A Simple, Straightforward Explanation

Many trade shows have shifted to the virtual world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what does that mean for exhibitors who want to continue to connect with existing and potential clients via trade shows? They need a presence via a trade show virtual exhibit.

Unfortunately, most virtual solutions are not “fully baked” by show organizers. What they offer is limited and proprietary to their show and doesn’t allow the exhibitor to fully show their products and services nor does it provide the attendees with an engaging and immersive experience.

The PlaceLyft 3D Virtual Solution has three distinct benefits compared to those provided by the show.

  • First, it’s comprehensive, allowing exhibitors to embedded media, social media, chat, polling, Zoom, and even tracking.
  • Second, it’s portable, meaning the virtual exhibit can be taken from show to show since it’s URL based.
  • Lastly, it’s both immersive and cost-effective.

For more information, or call us at 503-866-2100. With over 200 Distributors in North America, Classic can put you in contact with an virtual exhibit expert right in your backyard.

Virtual 3D Exhibits: Pros and Cons

September 1st, 2020 COMMENTS
Virtual Trade Show Exhibit

An Update… and Some “Not So Tactful” Advice

Virtual 3D Exhibit Design requests have increased substantially as exhibitors dive into Q3/Q4 show requirements. And we are thankful for those projects. However, if you are an exhibitor who has always Zombie-walked through your trade show planning and grumbled about your lack of success, then you are screwed when it comes to virtual trade shows.

Plan. Plan. Then Plan Some More.

V-Shows are ALL ABOUT pre-show planning — designing the booth, identifying links, implementing software, scripting videos, recording audio, and mapping the flow. Tasks which must happen before the 3D Visual Exhibit is created and programmed.

Will attendees visit your exhibit at the V-Show? A few if show organizers convince attendees to register. However, you won’t succeed if you rely on chance. You won’t be seen unless you entice and beguile attendees to visit you on the virtual show floor and WOW! them once they are there. In other words, it’s still about marketing yourself before, during, and after the show. Same as a physical trade show but now it’s even harder.

Fortunately, your competitors will probably suck at V-Shows. That’s an opportunity for you.

Three Virtual Trade Show Examples:

Need some no obligation advice? Contact us at 866-652-2100. We’re committed to helping you succeed whether your next show is virtual or a face-to-face event.

Online Trade Shows — a.k.a. Being Left Out in the Virtual Cold!

January 4th, 2010 1 COMMENT

Lowell Nickens, ShopforExhibits

Lowell Nickens,, Guest Posting

Today my landlord walked into my office and handed me a brochure and asked if I’d ever seen anything like this before? As I looked at the brochure which described a virtual trade show called Expo 3.0 “The Receivables Trade Show,”  sponsored by I’d heard about virtual trade shows and the general concept, but have never been curious enough to really research it to see what the lure was for such an edgy concept.

After doing a quick Google search, I quickly learned that there were a few big players spending big bucks, such as Ziff Davis Enterprise, who I figured must know something that I didn’t or why would they be so involved. So I continued to search and contemplate what I was seeing.

With the domination of electronics at every level of our society, it comes as no surprise that somebody had to make the effort to see if virtual trade shows would work — at some level! But does it really stand a chance? Well, at least some of the evidence certainly suggests that it might, so consider this: (more…)