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Trade Show Marketing Insights from Marlys Arnold, the ImageSpecialist

April 8th, 2012 COMMENTS

Download a Free Book on Trade Show Marketing

If you visited our booth at EXHIBITOR 2012, you probably met Marlys Arnold. Known as the ImageSpecialist, Marlys travels the country consulting and training both exhibitors and show managers, and is the author of Build a Better Trade Show Image (2002), host of the Trade Show Insights blog-cast, and creator of the ExhibitorEd Success System.

We’ve teamed up with Marlys to offer her book, Build a Better Trade Show Image, to Classic Exhibits customers. Through the end of May, we’re including an “Our Gift to You” promotional postcard with most inline and island hybrid displays, such as Sacagawea, Magellan, Perfect 10, Visionary Designs, and SEGUE. The postcard has a unique code where exhibitors can download the 280+ page e-book on how to launch, improve, finesse, or fix their trade show marketing program. It’s an excellent book, valued at $25, which every trade show expert or novice should own.

If you are unfamiliar with Marlys, here are three sample posts from her excellent blog.

What Exhibitors Can Learn from Birds

“Have you ever spent any time birdwatching? It’s fun to see how birds behave and interact with one another. In fact, there’s a lot we can learn by watching them, including some very valuable lessons for your upcoming trade shows!

Birds know how to find food.
In order to survive, birds must learn where the food is most likely to be found and then hang out there.

Exhibitor Lesson:
Go to the shows whose audience best matches your target demographic.

You’ve got to show off!
Birds aren’t shy. Peacocks display a fan of their colorful plumage, cranes dance, and many birds have loud calls to gain attention.

Exhibitor Lesson:
Don’t count on being noticed on the crowded show floor — DO something to attract attention.” [continue]

The Challenge of Using Salespeople as Booth Staff

“Following a recent exhibitor workshop, several attendees came up to me with a similar story: their sales team comes to the show, hangs out in the booth, and becomes more of a handicap than an asset. They wanted to know how they can turn that situation around.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem because the very things that make a sales person great at what they do often create a challenge in the trade show environment:” [continue]

Banish the “Little Voice”

“A fairly new exhibitor recently shared that what holds her back in the booth is the “little voice” on her shoulder who keeps telling her, “No one wants to talk to you … you’re just another salesperson.” I think every exhibitor could admit to battling that little voice at one time or another, but how can you banish it?” [continue]

To learn more about the book, visit or check out Marlys’ blog-cast at

–Mel White


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