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7 Tips to Selecting Your Next Trade Show Space

November 3rd, 2009 2 COMMENTS
Trade Show Booth Selection

Trade Show Booth Selection

What You Should Know about Trade Show Booth Selection

  • Trade show exhibit booth space is assigned based on booth size and show seniority
  • Location is only one factor in selecting an ideal exhibit booth space
  • Keep some distance between you and your competitors
  • Restrictions on height can vary by show and by country

In general, trade show booth spaces are assigned based on an exhibitor’s past participation in the show (seniority). Exhibitors who attended in the past are contacted first and allowed to select their space. New exhibitors are contacted later.

You can usually draw a triangle from the entrance of the show hall to determine where the highest demand spaces will be; however, there are always other spaces with good visibility and high traffic depending on the show hall. For new exhibitors with a sharp eye, prime spaces may be available later in the selection process. It is not uncommon for exhibitors to cancel their reservation, sometimes months and even weeks before the show. Show organizers are happy to move you into a more favorable location if they know you are willing to relocate.

It’s Not Just Location


Building a Better Trade Show Booth – Design and Planning

June 30th, 2009 COMMENTS
Building a Better Trade Show Booth

Building a Better Trade Show Booth

What You Should Know about Exhibit Planning

  • Start the planning process early and assign someone to handle the schedule
  • Create a budget that reflects the true costs of exhibiting
  • Select the right size exhibit for your budget and marketing goals
  • Trade shows can be expensive, but it’s not difficult to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)

“Build it and they will come”– This phrase should be your mantra when designing your trade show booth. With a carefully designed booth, you stand a much better chance of attracting potential clients, making sales, gathering contacts, and generally spreading the word about your company. Think of your booth as a microcosm of your business.

Planning and Budgeting

It is best to plan early. Assign one person to be in charge of timetables and scheduling. Assign another person to draw up the budget and to define the marketing goals. This person will have to account for the cost of renting or buying a booth, the cost of accessories such as literature racks, as well as travel expenses. Travel expenses will vary depending upon the location and duration of your stay. If you decide to rent, you should expect to budget:

  • 25% on renting your booth space
  • 20% on design and graphics
  • 15% on electrical, cleaning, and drayage
  • 10% on shipping materials to and from the trade show
  • 10% on press kits and preshow promotions
  • 20% on staffing, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses