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Can You Name (At Least) Three Things Wrong with This Ad?

January 23rd, 2018 7 COMMENTS

Let’s Play a Game

This email blast hit my mailbox today from AboveAll Advertising. Frankly, I don’t know much about them, but they are promoting a charging tower, and for purely selfish reasons, I wanted to know more about their charging solutions. However, everything about this ad annoyed me. And I mean everything. Well, to be fair, they did know the difference between “a while” and “awhile” (which can be tricky) but didn’t realize that the phrase requires a preposition — “for a while.”

Clearly a non-native speaker wrote the copy. I understand that. I do. However, it doesn’t excuse AboveAll Advertising from using it “as is.” And then there are the graphics (Yikes!). I’ll leave that to the graphic design professionals to critique.

I’d love to hear your comments.

BTW — Can you still buy a Nokia phone?


–Mel White


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7 Responses to “Can You Name (At Least) Three Things Wrong with This Ad?”

  1. Oh my where to begin…charcing, stand’s, did I say wire management. My eyes hurt I have to go now.

  2. Ok Mel, now I know that you had to be chomping at the bit to not have included a comment about “Chef Ding”! Too many innuendos to not chuckle a bit there. But what inquiring minds really want to know is how did that guy make the exact same, hand on the hip cool dude pose, at two entirely different photo shoot locations? Amazing.

  3. Yikes! 1) WAY too busy. 2) I guess they’re selling a “Charcing” station? 3) “Stand’s” out? 4) “Electrical Devices” – shouldn’t that be “Electronic” devices? 5) They’re not focused on the product, only where it can be used. The tower itself is lost in all the images.

  4. Mel White says:

    David — Thank you for commenting. I will be accused of being mean-spirited about this blog post. And I am. But something snapped in me when I saw it. It offended me as a marketing professional. This is my official apology to anyone who was offended. –Mel

  5. Mel White says:

    I feel your pain Chris.

  6. YUCK – in general, it does suck. Specifically, I hate “typos” in anything, and you’ve got that. Thanks Chef Mel!

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