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20 Exhibit Industry Influencers

Last month, I had the good fortune of meeting Todd Youngblood while attending the E2MA Red Diamond Congress (RDC) in Orlando. Todd runs The Trade Show Show, a podcast series about the exhibit industry. The RDC was fertile ground for Todd, since the event attracts trade show managers, suppliers, show organizers, builders, exhibitor-appointed contractors, etc. Basically, anyone with a vested/financial interest in the trade show biz.

Todd conducted 20 interviews on topics that should matter to trade show groupies (like you and me). Interviewees included:

  • unnamedJustin Hersch, Group Delphi
  • Lisa Apolinski, 3 Dog Write
  • Penn Arthur, Inhance Digital
  • April Hurley, The Expo Group
  • David Mihalik, ELITeXPO
  • Skip Cox, Exhibit Surveys
  • Jim Wurm, Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA)
  • Richard Maples, Shepard Exposition Services
  • Chris Griffin, TS Crew & Trade Show Supply
  • And 10 more industry influencers

I encourage you to listen to one, two, or all twenty podcasts. Listening to a podcast may make you a little smarter unlike watching that Seinfeld episode for the 37th time. Mouthing the dialogue does not make you a savant. I don’t care what your cousin told you. 🙂

The mission of The Trade Show Show is to dramatically enhance Enterprise-Wide Engagement and sales growth by educating industry insiders regarding the people, organizations, technologies, and innovations driving progress and continuous improvement. In other words, get more ROI from the most effective sales tool there is:  face-to-face business conversation. The show’s host, Todd Youngblood, has a genetic “need to know more.” This fundamental curiosity enables guests to articulate the heart of the value their knowledge and insights have for listeners.

–Mel White


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