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Post EDPA ACCESS 2012 Report: Word on the Street — Nov. 26th thru Nov. 30th

December 2nd, 2012 1 COMMENT
It's about inspiration NOT disillusionment

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

I LOVE this industry! And events like EDPA ACCESS only make me love it more!

Palm Springs provided an amazing setting this past week for Education, Advocacy, Networking and Strategy. To those who were there, it was great to see you and get caught up professionally and personally. And as a proud member of the EDPA Board of Directors, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone in attendance. Your participation is appreciated and will continue to shape this great industry of ours.

Some Highlights . . . .

Dr. Will and his “Refrigerator Rights” talk was our opening keynote. It was a much needed look at our need for real and claimed family, those people who have the right to opening our refrigerator. Essentially our support system. We all have that in our real family at home, but you must have that in your “professional family”as well. This really spoke to many of the “family and friends” I have in this industry. People who I rely on professionally and even personally.

The Golf Outing. I know. It was a highlight Kevin. You got to play golf on what would normally be a workday. Duh!! It was more than that. Great networking for all who were in the tournament. But for me, I was able to play with one of my many mentors from over the years, Dave Walens from Brumark. He made the golf outing even better! Thanks again Dave!

Financial State of Affairs Session. Kelli Glasser did a great job of sorting through and sharing the results of the recent economic survey. Both the highs and lows. By the end, it was clear that there is positive growth happening along all lines. And together we will continue to secure our industry’s future.

The NOT SO SILENT AUCTION. One of the events that is near and dear to many of our hearts. This tremendous event did not disappoint. Thanks to the hard work by David Mihalik and Lara Davie from ELITeXPO. Their tireless dedication to this event impresses us all, along with the great assistance of the EDPA staff in attendance . Early totals indicated that over $17,000 was raised for the EDPA Foundation. AWESOME! This is all money that goes directly to scholarships and worthy causes!

Those are just some highlights. I could write a ten page report and still not do the event justice. So, to those who attended please share your highlights as well.

To Red 7 Media, our HQ for EDPA. Since taking over the EDPA’s day-to-day management several years ago, you have never let us down. Jeff Provost has been and continues to be a great captain of the ship. Thanks! But I wanted to send a special thanks out to Melissa, Anna, Anu, and Tracy from Red 7. As a member and an exhibitor in the showcase you were a tremendous help to my company and me personally. Thanks for your help and dedication to our industry!

Finally, to those who haven’t attended EDPA ACCESS in the past, allow me to explain what it is and isn’t about.

  • It’s about people NOT about products and services
  • It’s about what’s happening in 2-4 years NOT about what’s happening in 2-4 months
  • It’s about opening opportunities NOT about closing deals
  • It’s about sharing accomplishments NOT about pointing fingers
  • It’s about inspiration NOT about disillusionment
  • It’s about listening, asking questions, and offering advice (in that order)
  • It’s about collaboration, cooperation, and competition (in that order)

Next year, ACCESS 2013 will be at Marco Island Resort and Spa in FL right after Thanksgiving. Hope to see you there.

Have a great week ahead and be well.

Kevin Carty