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What Really Goes On at Conventions in Vegas

March 12th, 2012 1 COMMENT

Vegas, Conventions, and . . . .

I’m back from EXHIBITOR, jazzed about the trade show industry and excited about what 2012 brings . . . then I stumble into this story on Joe Stein, the author, agreed to go to seven conventions in three days in Las Vegas. That’s just plain crazy. Heck, I can’t even go to seven fast food joints in three days without suffering from intestinal rumba.

Nevertheless, it’s a good read . . . even if he takes the easy path with some very, very broad generalizations.

What Really Goes On at Conventions in Vegas

“I am stuck on this convention floor because I agreed to go to seven conventions in three days to better understand a business that is as important to Las Vegas as the card tables, and presumably important to the 4.5 million conventioneers who come here each year and spend double what tourists do, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. When the convention hours end, some will indeed go mad, like escaped monkeys.” [click to read the full article]

Got a bone to pick with his analysis. Be sure to leave a comment at BusinessWeek.

–Mel White


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One Response to “What Really Goes On at Conventions in Vegas”

  1. I agree, the whole tone of scary partying made me mad. So did the fact that when I was in my partying years they didn’t have 5 hour energy or Craig’s List. And the booth carpet over aisle carpet was totally inaccurate.

    By not going to the social events or classes/sessions he really missed the point and purpose of F2F marketing. Although the part about plus size girls looking better on the floor was spot on.

    Stay classy Businessweek.

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