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EDPA Access 2011 — Why Classic Exhibits Participates: Word on the Street — Oct. 31st thru Nov. 4th

November 6th, 2011 1 COMMENT
EDPA Access

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

And Why You Should Too

For several years now, Classic Exhibits Inc. has been a very active participant in EDPA and the EDPA Access event held every year. Proudly I might add. Often we are asked by distributors, vendors, and other service providers why we feel the event is so important. So I thought I would share the reasons why we go, in part to persuade those who have been on the fence about attending this year.


Every year, EDPA puts a tremendous amount of effort into providing a relevant education program for attendees. This is not a simple task considering we all come from different segments of the industry: Display Designers and Producers, Freight Service providers, Lighting companies, Graphics providers, and Labor Service companies.

In years past, EDPA has tackled a diverse range of topics. Everything from Social Media to Bundling. This year is no different. Some highlights this year are “Building and Maintaining your Sales Pipeline” and “New Systems and the Hybrid Trend.”


We have always appreciated the opportunity to have a voice regarding the issues that we all encounter regardless of our business models.

For me personally, I am fortunate to have a seat on the EDPA Board where I sit with vendors, customers, and competitors alike helping to shape the direction of our industry as a whole.


EDPA at its core has always been the best opportunity for Classic to forge long-term relationships/partnerships. It’s the one time each year where the focus is less about the “show” and more about the “relationship and connections” with other industry leaders and business owners.

I often have said that we learn more about the pulse of the industry from EDPA than we do from EXHIBITOR and TS2 combined. There is not all the “selling” to worry about. Just an opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your business issues, successes, and failures. And to hear from others about the same.

Betterment for All

I truly believe that EDPA Access creates better experiences for our shared customers: the end-users that put food on all our plates.

I often wish we had more opportunities for our shared clients to be a fly on the wall at EDPA and for them to see the work we do to make their experiences better on the show floor. A few years back at EDPA, a guest speaker from a Fortune 500 company commented to me that she was truly impressed to see that our industry was addressing many of the issues that her company faced in trade show marketing.

EDPA Foundation Fundraiser

The foundation fundraiser is one of my personal favorites because I have seen what it accomplishes. The foundation provides educational scholarships as well as monetary assistance for those in times of distress or tragedy.

As a side note, even if you can’t attend, take a moment to see the Silent Auction information and please sponsor an item. There are items for all budgets 🙂

The Showcase

Classic Exhibits, like other EDPA members, also takes part in the Product Showcase. It’s less of a trade show, and more of a chance for members to familiarize themselves with what other members of EDPA provide. And it’s a great time to catch up with some old friends and meet new ones.

These are just some of my thoughts as to why Classic Exhibits attends. With that, I would be remiss if I did not mention that there has been one glaring void as it relates to the attendees of EDPA Access — Classic Distributors. I strongly encourage more of you to attend. In the past, EDPA was viewed more as a meeting for custom houses, labor providers, and freight companies. If that is still your impression, let me correct that impression. EDPA represents all segments of our industry. And in the past two years, we have seen more portable/modular owners attend, but even more are needed and would benefit from participating.

Remember you can always attend before joining.

Have a wonderful weekend. Be well.

–Kevin Carty

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  1. Lara Davie says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Silent Auction. We appreciate Classic’s support of the auction each year.

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