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Trade Show Bullies

June 11th, 2011 COMMENTS

While on a business trip this week, I bought Inc. Magazine to read on the plane. Oddly enough, on page 35 there was an article, a column actually by Norm Brodsky, about the trade show industry. I thought I’d share, although it doesn’t cast a flattering light on our business. Here’s the first paragraph as a preview . . .

Anyone who has ever exhibited at a major trade show knows exactly what Seth Burstein is referring to. The rules are ridiculous and the fees outrageous, but if you don’t go along with them, you’ll face warnings and threats, and your exhibit could even be shut down. So, can you force the powers that be to change their ways without becoming a martyr?

Imagine any other business where 50 percent of the industry works hard, is dedicated to customer service, and offers reasonable, cost-effective solutions. And the other 50 percent provide service at their whim, charge exorbitant rates, and care little about the long-term success of the industry. It’s frustrating folks. Unfortunately, the industry titans who have the most to lose seem content to operate “as usual.” Who can blame them . . . they are making a killing.

–Mel White


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