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Who is Optima Graphics (and Why are We so Darn Shy)?

May 5th, 2011 COMMENTS
Gary Camarato, Optima Graphics

Gary Camarato, Guest Post

We Work Hard at Not Getting in the Way

Who is Optima Graphics? It’s simple, we are the wholesale graphics supplier to the trade show industry that helps you retain customers and grow your business. It sounds so mundane, but we listen to you, stay out-of-your-way, break the rules, provide you more time to sell, bring experience to your project and much more. Our behind-the-scenes business philosophy keeps your brand upfront with trade show consumers and keeps our brand out-of-sight. Think of Optima as an extension of your business, your own private factory. You sell exhibits, and we make sure you get those repeat sales from your client. Call us shy? I don’t know, some may refer to this approach as smart.  After all, you’re better at what you do, leaving us to focus on one thing — custom graphics.

What You Really Need to Do is . . .

Sure, we hear a lot of practical advice about why or how we need to conduct our business:

What’s wrong with you?, Do you realize what a terrible SEO your website has? How do I purchase from this VisProducts site? Why can’t I buy from you? Pricing in inches? This is madness . . . we have heard it all at Optima.

Madness — What are You Talking About?

I hear this all the time, mainly because I figure if you talk enough you’re bound to say something. Oh, wait, Optima madness… indeed.

Maybe it’s not madness, shyness, shymadness — Maybe, just maybe, it’s a manifestation of counterculture business practices that over time just ended up working for all of us.  A little luck perhaps, hardly the traditional approach. Yes, counterculture — No, we’re not talking about making our fortune from the buying and selling of canned corn at a Phish concert. We’re talking about going our own way while staying out-of-the way of our customers. A customer-centric culture spawned in the afterglow of the product-centric 80’s.  Kind of like that little dog that pulls the sleigh in the original animated Dr. Seuss Grinch cartoon. Yeah, like that dog. Stay out-of-the way and in the end it all works out.

Fearless Selling

Fearless Selling

Show Some Backbone! Buy the Shirt!!!

Go out there and sell that trade show display. Do it without fear of loosing your customer because as the saying goes, sell that display fearlessly: Fearless Selling. It’s the aggressive version of peace-of-mind. You can do it, sell it, put graphics on it, and walk away with that peace-of-mind that your graphics supplier isn’t going to pirate your client. Well, at least it’s the case if you choose Optima. We stay-out-of-your-way. There it is again. I keep typing that.

Here’s the thing — by staying off the beaten path, your customers buy from you, a one-stop source for their display. Consulting, designing, hardware, software, graphics, lighting, show management. You get the point. We help make the graphics portion a lot easier on you.

We Know Our Stuff

We’ve been doing this stuff for a long time . . .custom graphics of all kinds for over 20 years! All our graphics are handcrafted by a crack team of artisans. I know that sounds crazy, but we can prove it. Visit us and see for yourself — if you can find us.

Seriously, we know our stuff — Fantastic products such as dye sublimation, direct-to-substrate UV/Solvent printing, Lambda laser photographic, vinyl and more. Turnaround and shipping discounts that make our bottom line the real value. In fact, our turnaround is per your request. Our customers invented that idea! How do we do it? Three shifts a day, five days a week, our artisans, listen to you, stay out of-your-way and provide you more time to sell. Ever feel you’re spending too much time babysitting an order with your vendor? With Optima you won’t. Our staff understands the value of your time.

True Value

There’s a little more — Stuff like our No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty on all portable hardware items, custom graphics for absolutely any structure, a dizzying array of fabric and substrates to choose from, and our best value to you:  Optima Customer Service. Our Customer Service team is the best in the industry. Maybe any industry. I have no reservations about this claim, not one.

Contact Optima Graphics for more information at 800-844-8877 or visit

Let’s work together to grow your business. Call us on your project and start spending more time selling exhibits and less time babysitting your graphics. If we get really big some day, we might even start giving away those Selling Fearless t-shirts — but you’ll have to know someone to get one.

–Gary Camarato, Creative Director

Optima Graphics operates exclusively on a “Wholesale to The Trade” basis. We only sell to trade show manufacturers. This is our only business. Our goal is to make you look good to your customer without them knowing we exist.

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