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FAQ — Design Monday Exhibits

November 17th, 2010 COMMENTS

Design Monday Exhibits

In Design Monday, you’ll see inlines and islands, portables and modulars, banner stands and hanging signs. Three new exciting designs each week from the best exhibit designers.

When it’s all about pushing the boundaries of creative design, everything is fair game. See what’s new every Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1. What’s included in the Design Monday Gallery? There appears to be trade show displays of all sizes, shapes, and functions.

Design Monday is a very different gallery than the other galleries in Exhibit Design Search. Each Monday, we introduce two to three new exhibit designs. These can be islands, inlines, workstations, banner stands, or just about anything you would find in the other galleries.

Consider Design Monday our forum for launching new concepts. Many of these migrate to the other galleries and become kits, which is why you may see some duplication. If you want to see the newest trends, then Design Monday is the place to be.

2. Have these all been built?

By and large, yes . . . with some exceptions. Even if we haven’t built the display yet, no worries. We design them using standard components and engineer them to be structurally sound.

3. Are Design Monday designs more expensive?

Nope. We price them the same as standard kits.

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