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FAQ — Fabric Pop Up Displays

September 29th, 2010 1 COMMENT
Xpressions 8' Kit H

Xpressions 8' Kit H

Is there any trade show display more familiar that Xpressions and Burst? The Fabric Pop-up has become popular with exhibitors because it’s portable, attractive, assembles fast, which combines for a great trade show experience. As familiar as you are with these products, you probably still have questions. We hope the following FAQs answer many of them.

1. Are self-locking pop ups a good option for tension fabric pop ups? I have seen them advertised on other websites.

Self-locking pop-ups are perfect for Velcro compatible fabrics and murals, but are not ideal for tension fabric graphics We use a frame with manual locks because it creates a more rigid structure which evenly pulls out any wrinkles or folds in the fabric graphic. The result is a taut flat graphic that mimics a hard panel graphic.

Self-locking frames are fantastic when you have a rollable mural graphic or fabric panel with stiffener hardware. But when it comes to fabric pop-ups, steer clear of a self-locking pop up.

2. Can I ship the Xpressions Express in its hard rolling case?

Yes and No. No, the Express kit is a rolling hard case that makes it convenient to transport and can be checked as airline luggage but it is not designed as a shipper. However, you can ship the kit if you retain the original cardboard counter.

3. After a few shows, my Xpressions skins are starting to get dirty from handling and the dirty show floor. What are my options?

Rest easy. Xpressions skins are dye sublimated graphics and can be cleaned! Spot clean any specific areas or just throw them into the washing machine on cold with mild detergent. The skins will look like new again. Dry on very low heat or hang dry on the frame.

4. Four questions regarding the Xpressions Express.

* Is Xpressions Express case clear?

Answer: No, the case is solid black. The clear case that appears on some literature was for demonstration purposes only.

* Is there room in the Xpressions Express case for literature?

Answer: There is some extra room in the case but it’s very limited. The display was designed to be light weight so that the display could be checked as luggage on an airplane and not exceed the 50 lb limit. Adding literature may cause the unit to exceed that limit.

* What is the advantage of having the back wall as two 1×3 units instead of a single 3×3?

Answer: There are several advantages. First, eliminating the center hardware reduces the price of the unit and cuts down on the weight. Second, the design allows more versatility. The unit can be used as a full back wall or as two merchandizing units. The 1×3 unit can be placed on its side and used as a table top unit on an 8’ table.

* Can existing Xpressions XSnap frames be retro-fitted with the special shelf-hub?

Answer: Yes. Simply contact your account representative and explain your request. You may be able to do this yourself or it may require sending your frame out for refitting. Keep in mind that only the Xpressions Express unique shelves work with the clip to connect two 1x3s. These shelves are available for individual sale. Two shelves are required to connect 1×3 snaps.

5. I get asked all the time about wrinkles in tension fabric pop-ups and how to eliminate them.

Fabric will wrinkle and fold lines may appear if a fabric graphic has been stored or folded for a long time, but the wrinkles are not permanent. Whenever possible, always store your displays set-up. Many people have their display set-up in the company waiting or conference room!

Use a good quality fabric on a structure (like Vburst) that when set-up pulls the wrinkles out of the fabric. Carry a small travel steamer in your display case. These are inexpensive and simple to use. The steamers can lift out any remaining wrinkles after your set-up.

6. What is the warranty on fabric pop ups?

All fabric pop ups have a lifetime warranty on all hardware products. The policy applies to original purchaser. No product registration is required. We will replace or repair all hardware supplied to our customers purchased after 7/7/09. However, we reserve the right to inspect hardware and exclude warranty claims that have resulted from vandalism, theft, negligence, fire, natural disasters, modifications, or losses in shipment that may be covered by your insurance and/or freight carrier. The lifetime hardware warranty does not apply to graphics or to electrical components.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

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