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FAQ — Eco-Smart Displays

September 10th, 2010 COMMENTS
Green Trade Show Display

FERO -- Eco-Smart Display

From small portable displays to large island exhibits, Eco-Smart Sustainable Displays are now front and center in most exhibit discussions.  All of our Eco-Smart products are designed and constructed with the most environmentally friendly materials available. Review our Eco-Smart FAQ’s to learn more.

1. Do Eco-Smart Displays cost more?

It depends on what you are comparing them to, but we have tried to make our Green displays cost the same or less than the industry standard. It is our philosophy that it should not cost more to own a Green Display.

2. What if I do not see a design I love?

No Problem. We have a complimentary design service. We can create a unique, custom display that is specific to your needs. Simply contact us, and we’ll get started right away.

3. Are these Eco-Smart Displays reconfigurable to different sizes?

Yes. Our displays are designed to be reconfigurable to different sizes with minimal additional components. If you would like to see renderings of how a specific display can be reconfigured into another size, please contact us!

4. What makes an Eco-Smart Display “green”?

We use the most eco-friendly materials available on the market, without sacrificing design or price. For example, recycled aluminum extrusions, graphics made from recycled soda bottles, LED energy efficient lights, rapidly renewable bamboo, low VOC adhesives, and MUCH more.

Please contact us for full details about our sustainable materials.

5. Are there Eco-Smart accessories such as lights, cases, pedestals, and workstations?

Yes, these are located in the Eco-Smart Accessories Gallery.

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