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FAQ — Quadro S Pop Up Display

September 8th, 2010 COMMENTS
Quadro QD-132 Pop Up Display

Quadro QD-132 Pop Up Display

Yesterday we reviewed the FAQ’s for the Sacagawea Hybrid. Now, let’s cover Frequently Asked Questions about the Quadro S Pop Up Display. To see the complete list, click on the FAQ button in Exhibit Design Search.

1. What is the difference between a Quadro S and a Quadro EO pop up?

  • The versatile Quadro S pop up is designed to perform flawlessly under any trade show schedule and can be configured with shadowboxes, shelves, multiple monitors, waterfall brackets, and much, much more. There are nearly 90 kit designs available in 10 ft., 20 ft., and table top configurations.
  • The lightweight Quadro EO is an inexpensive, self-locking frame with connecting channel bars. It’s designed as a functional 10 ft, 8 ft, or 6 ft display with lights and a possible monitor.
  • Both the EO and S have a lifetime frame warranty.

2. How do the panels connect to the frame?

The panels (fabric or graphic) hang on pins and adhere to detachable steel channel bars with a magnet to metal connection.

3. What is the turnaround time for a Quadro S if I order one today?

As little as a two days for displays with standard Coal (black), Silver, or Navy fabric. For displays with graphic panels or other fabric colors, allow a minimum of five to seven days. Need it even faster.

Let us know. We’ll do everything possible to meet your schedule.

4. I’ve searched for pop up displays on the Internet, and the prices are all over the place. To me, they all look the same. Is there a difference?

Think of pop up displays the same way you think of tools or kitchenware. You can buy a tool at a bargain basement retailer that will last a few jobs. It may be all you need, but you know by the third or fourth time it will break, bend, or short-circuit. Or you can buy a tool that will last for years and years. Same with kitchenware, such as pots and pans. It’s not all hype. There’s a reason why one set costs $29.99 and another $99.99.

For a light-hearted explanation from the perspective of a pop up display, read Pop Up Display Secrets:  Direct from the Source.

Everyone wants an “incredible bargain, but 9 times out of 10, you get what you pay for.

5. What is the warranty on the Quadro Pop Up Display?

The Classic Quadro Lifetime Warranty covers the frame for the life of the exhibit. Should the frame every fail to perform properly, we will replace or repair the frame at our discretion. All remaining parts are covered against defective materials or workmanship for as long as the exhibit is in service.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Next time, Banner Stand FAQ’s.

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