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Word on the Street — August 9th thru August 13th

August 15th, 2010 COMMENTS
Why we participate in the TS2 Show

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

It’s That Time of Year . . . .

I have been doing this for 16 years now . . . same company . . . same trends. I hope!

Mel and I both joke about how every year, even the most seasoned Tradeshow Pro’s tend to forget that the business goes dormant in June, July, and early August — Only to be reminded that it always ramps back up around the 15th of August.

Each year like clockwork, we hear the questioning in the voices of distributors: “Is this normal? When will the business pick back up?”

Then BAM! Mid-August hits and we’re all “suddenly” reminded of what the busy season feels and looks like. People begin to feel overwhelmed with their work flow, forgetting that this is only about half as busy as late September and October.

It’s hard to get back into the swing of being BUSY. Both mentally and physically to be honest. Yet we all do it.

This is a cyclical business for sure. One with defined seasons, seasons that dictate our lives and schedules. We all know you don’t take long vacations in September in the trade show business.

Each year, we all remind our staffs that this is normal, the slowdown, and to prepare for the busy season that is coming. And each year, it proves to be true.

Magellan VK-1082 Hybrid

How about this year? Well, for me, I am sticking with the odds. Every year has proven to be true. And like year’s prior, we are gearing up for the fall season with new items and new twists to existing product lines. Take a moment to review Design Monday where you’ll see “New and Improved” Magellan Portable Hybrid designs. For a sneak peak at what’s coming over the next two weeks, check out the Magellan gallery in Exhibit Design Search.

Finally, what would the fall season be without a sales promotion? And not just a La-De-Dah, Ho-Hum, Roll Your Eyes promotion, but a Blow Your Socks Off, Are You Kidding Me, Have They Lost Their Minds promotion. Krazy Kevin is back with a deal on the Quadro EO Pop Up. Look for the “Krazy Kevin” email in your mailbox on Monday.

Hope you all had a safe and restful weekend.

Here’s to the start of yet another busy fall season!


–Kevin Carty

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