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Preview the NEW Peek-a-Booth Video Cameras

March 24th, 2010 2 COMMENTS
Live Web Cam from Classic Exhibits

Live Web Cam from Classic Exhibits

As a dedicated reader of the Trade Show Tales Blog, you deserve something extra. No, not money, at least not this month, but we are announcing a new feature on the Classic Exhibits website called Peek-a-Booth. An e-broadcast announcement will be sent in a few days, but as a “Preferred Reader” you deserve a sneak peek (pun intended).

As you know, we pride ourselves on “transparency” with our employees, our suppliers, and our distributors. We’re not by nature either secretive or paranoid. We believe that the more you know about our business the more likely we’ll work together to find solutions and opportunities. There’s always a danger in being open and honest, but we feel it’s worth the risk. Past Five Days is a good example. Everyday you see a sample of the exhibit and event projects passing through our facility.

We decided to take the P5D concept to the next logical step — a live video feed. We mounted two pan and zoom cameras in our Production Set-up Area. These cameras stream live video 24 hours a day. Once you enter the username and password, you can see your project (or any project) in real-time and can control each camera’s movement. Very cool!

The username will always be the same:  classicexhibits. The password changes everyday. You can obtain the current password by emailing or by contacting a Project Manager.

To preview Peek-a-Booth today (Friday, March 26, 2010), the password is: hyS2iWxZ


Please share your thoughts about this new feature. Is it valuable for you (as a distributor), and do you see it as beneficial to your customers as well?

–Mel White
Classic Exhibits Network (LinkedIn)

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2 Responses to “Preview the NEW Peek-a-Booth Video Cameras”

  1. I think this is a great asset!

  2. mel says:

    Thanks Karin.

    Let me know when you use it for an online client preview. I would enjoy hearing their reaction — Good or Bad.

    I hope it has some benefit as a pre-sale tool as well, showing customers how they can see their display before it ships from Classic.

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