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10 Notable Exhibit Rental Projects in 2009

December 28th, 2009 COMMENTS
2009 Notable Rental Projects

2009 Notable Rental Projects

Last week, we shared 15 Notable Exhibit Projects in 2009. This week we turn to rentals. We have chosen to highlight Ten Rental Exhibits for 2009.  The rentals range from Canaccord’s corporate meeting in Las Vegas with a variety of exhibit sizes and configurations to a 30’ x 40’ double deck for Griffin at Macworld. These examples are just a small selection of displays available from our Classic Exhibits Distributor Rental Program. 

The following, although listed numerically, are in no particular ranking. 

TOP 10 (click on the BOLD links):

  1. Griffin  — (01/09):  30’ x 40’ double deck island exhibit with meeting rooms on lower and upper level, display cases, storage rooms with locking doors, large Aero tension fabric graphic structures.
  2. Dummies – (01/12):   20’ x 40’ island exhibit with 16’ high graphic towers, semi-private conference room, storage room with locking door, product shelves, workstations.
  3. E-Trade — 20’ x 30’ (11/05):   Peninsula with 20’ backwall, large storage room with (2) locking doors, (3) kiosks, (2) lounge lighting structure with pendant lights, customized coffee tables.
  4. Canaccord  — (12/04):  Pavilion with multiple 10’ exhibits, arch-shape canopies with black covers, Sintra accent wings, tapered counter workstations, 16’ high exhibits, kiosks.
  5. USA Funds  (06/25):   20’ x 20’ island with 16’ extrusion structure, tension fabric beaded-installed graphics, storage room with locking door, curved extrusion header, curved counter.
  6. Griffin – (06/15):   20’ x 40’ island with large conference rooms, 12’ high graphic tower.
  7. UK – (09/25):   20’ x 30’ extrusion structure with workstations, Sintra graphic infills, halogen lighting.
  8. Yokohama – (05/04):   20’ x 20’ island with 14’ high and 12’ high graphic towers, storage room with locking door semi-private conference area, workstations and reception counter.
  9. DiaDent – (08/31):   10’ x 20’ inline with arch-shape canopy, tension fabric graphics, product display cases, reception counters, halogen lights.
  10. Nasdaq – (11/26):   10’ x 20’ (Not in P-5-D) extrusion backwall, tension fabric beaded-installed graphics, curved bridged headers, kiosk workstations, halogen lights.

As you can see in these examples . . . rentals don’t have to look like rentals anymore.  We’re always adding new components to our rental inventory, and we’ll work with you on a design solution for your client’s next trade show. 

Give me a call anytime with questions you may have, and let’s work together to come up with something that will work perfectly for your next rental project!

–Jim Shelman


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