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“Is Our Industry Model Obsolete?” by Dan Cantor, President, EDPA

October 19th, 2009 2 COMMENTS
Is Our Industry Model Obsolete by Dan Cantor

"Is Our Industry Model Obsolete?" by Dan Cantor

Our compliments to Dan Cantor, President, EDPA, on his recent and insightful article in the Global Insights Newsletter (Q3.09):  Is Our Industry Model Obsolete?

We highly recommend reading this article, especially in light of the challenges facing the exhibit industry over the past year. Business is improving, but it won’t ever be healthy unless we fix the underlying problems.  

To quote Dan, “Our industry has a much bigger challenge: our business model is not globally competitive, and our industry will soon be in crisis as a result.”

There doesn’t appear to be a link on the EDPA website to the article, so we have included a link to a scanned PDF version: 

Is Our Industry Model Obsolete?

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2 Responses to ““Is Our Industry Model Obsolete?” by Dan Cantor, President, EDPA”

  1. Rick Clower says:

    Very alarming and very true. Thanks for broaching this subject even as uncomfortable as it might make all of us in the industry. There are things we can do and should do immediatley to ensure our survival.

  2. mel says:

    Thanks for the comment Rick!

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