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Word on the Street — July 27th thru July 31st

July 31st, 2009 1 COMMENT
Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Relax! Is It Really Feasible These Days?

Sort of a weird topic, right?

If you are like me, you work long hours, travel more than you should, and constantly have work on your mind. All the while, trying to balance your home life and the current world we live in. It can be hard!

Coming off a week in Chicago at TS2, I was slammed the first three days catching up on calls, emails, and orders — as well as doing as much show follow-up as possible. What made it even more critical was that I was leaving Thursday morning for a short vacation so I had to get everything done by Wednesday afternoon . . . theoretically!

So with that behind me, now it ‘s time to relax right? Easier said than done. How does one go from 100 to 0?

For me, I try to maintain a similar routine by waking up a little earlier, having a cup of coffee, and checking the computer. But I steer clear of work stuff as much as possible. This morning I opened the laptop at 7:00 am. I had 47 emails, mostly work related. Immediately, I shut off my email, threw the headphones on, and opted to re-watch Stage 20 from the Tour De France, Mt. Ventoux. It proved to be both relaxing and inspiring. Despite the temptation to respond to every email, I have to remind myself that my Out-of-Office is on so anyone who really wants an answer knows to call Classic or ClassicMODUL.

Ask my wife what relaxes me and she would laugh and tell you that it took several years for her to figure that out. But put some good music in my ears and a concert playing , a cycling re-run, or sometimes just looking through photos and I am at peace.

What about you? How do you break the cycle of the day to day stresses we all deal with? Please share your comments

Have a great and restful weekend

Be Well!

–Kevin Carty


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  1. Motorcycles. Number one requirement is what is happening right now. Number two requirement is what is happening in a moment from right now. No time for your mind to wander. After even thirty minutes your mind is a clear slate.

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