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“New and Improved” ClassicMODUL Website

May 6th, 2009 COMMENTS
New and Improved ClassicMODUL Website

New and Improved ClassicMODUL Website

If you have ever created or revised a website, you know how stressful, painful, and expensive the process can be. Just gathering all the necessary data and storyboarding the pages can be overwhelming. Thank goodness, I’m not a programmer. Or a graphic designer. Or a project manager. They do all the work. I have the luxury of brainstorming and tossing out ideas and then moving far, far away while the messy stuff happens. But when it all comes together, it’s magic.

Introducing the “New and Improved” ClassicMODUL website ( I’ll review the changes in just a second, but I should explain what is “ClassicMODUL” for anyone unfamiliar with this division of Classic Exhibits Inc. ClassicMODUL supplies aluminum extrusions and accessories to the trade show, retail, and museum trade. The distinction between Classic Exhibits and ClassicMODUL is a matter of degree. Classic Exhibits designs and builds trade show and event displays, complete with design support, setup drawings, custom packaging, and graphic specs. ClassicMODUL can supply all those, on an ala carte basis, but more often ClassicMODUL supplies cut extrusion, locks, and accessories to customers from CAD drawings or item lists.  Classic Exhibits works exclusively with trade show distributors. ClassicMODUL works with architectural firms, museum designers, retail designers, custom houses, and trade show distributors. If you explore the two websites for even a minute, the distinction is obvious.

Improvements to the ClassicMODUL website:

  1. By far, the BIG BIG BIG improvement is to the “Our Line” section. There are now detail drawings of every extrusion and accessory. The products are organized into categories, and you can download DXF files for each one. In addition, there is a new search tool so you can find exactly the item you want in a flash. There are several other upgrades in the “Our Line” section which I encourage you to review.
  2. We reformatted the Request a Catalog page, the Tech Specs page, and the About Us page. These pages are now much easier to navigate.
  3. We added a video which shows the MODUL island exhibit at EuroShop 2008. It’s an informative video, about three minutes long, showing the design capabilities of the MODUL extrusion system.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who worked so hard on these website improvements. To Tom Jones and Lee Tillman at ClassicMODUL for reviewing the database and your additions. To Flying High Creative Resources for pulling together and organizing all the information and for project managing everything. To Netra for your exceptional programming expertise and creative problem solving. It takes a team — an exceptionally talented team. Thank you!

–Mel White

p.s. What are you waiting for? Another pat on the back. It’s time to start the next project. Chop! Chop!

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