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Summer Crush Specials — Savings on Quadro EO and iPad Kiosks

June 5th, 2012 COMMENTS

Quadro EO and iPad Kiosk “Summer Crush” Savings

The Summer Crush Specials feature the Quadro EO Pop Up combined with the newly released iPad Kiosks MOD-1312 and MOD-1314. The savings are ginormous. Literally GINORMOUS!

Download the unbranded Summer Crush PDF.

Those who saw the units at EXHIBITOR 2012 know that the Classic iPad Kiosks are the real deal. They combine function and value never before seen in an iPad kiosk with a lockable clamshell case, integrated wire management, an internal power strip, and powder-coated steel and aluminum construction. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Classic without accessory options like graphic wings, graphic clamshell halos, literature holders, and a nifty keyboard shelf. Check out the links below to see all the great options.

But my personal favorite . . . the clamshell case with an extrusion connection similar to how Literature Brochures attach to our hybrid systems. This gives you the ability to add an iPad to any new or existing hybrid inline or island from Classic Exhibits (and a competing extrusion line as well).

Kudos to Mike Swartout for the great demo video. Pay special attention to the cool theme music. I love it!!

See the details in the Exhibit Specials gallery. But like all summer crushes, this one is 2 Good 2 Last 4 Ever.

For the iPad Kiosk Product Sheet and Price List, click on the links.

— Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100 or

Something for (Almost) Nothing — FREE Pop Up Panels

March 29th, 2012 2 COMMENTS

For Classic Distributors Only

Quadro Pop Up Fabric Panels

Typically, we wouldn’t post this information in a blog, but this is our way of rewarding our loyal blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers. We have an inventory of Quadro S and Quadro EO Pop Up fabric panels in discontinued fabrics. We have been holding onto them, just in case a customer needed one or two, but now it’s time for a Spring Cleaning.

The following fabric panels, complete with magnet and hanger and kicker strips, are FREE. First come. First serve (within limits). Simply email me at the address below. You’ll have to pay for packaging ($35 wholesale per box) and shipping, but there’s no other obligation. We’ve even eliminated all the fun of haggling, unless you count the packaging fee (which is non-negotiable). Perfect for the kindergartener who needs a durable sleeping mat. 😉

Let us know. If you are a hoarder by nature, please curb that impulse. Offer ends April 10.

Quadro EO and Quadro S Fabric Pop Up Panels

EO Pop Up Panels [Curve Frame]

(1) Silver FR – 6 ft Table Top (complete)

  • (2) Front Panels
  • (2) End Caps

(1) Imperial FR – Full Height (complete)

  • (3) Front Panels
  • (2) End Caps

(2) Koala FR – 6 ft Table Top (front)

(4) Imperial FR – Full Height (front)

(2) Eclipse Prelude – Full Height (end caps)

(2) Coal FR – Full Height (end caps)

S Pop Up Panels [Curve Frame]

(2) Silver FR – 6 ft Table Top (complete)

  • (2) Front Panels
  • (2) End Panels

(1) Silver FR – 8 ft Table Top (complete)

  • (3) Front Panels
  • (2) End Panels

(6) Silver FR – Full Height (front)

(4) Silver FR – Full Height (end caps)

(4) Silver FR – Table Top (front)

(2) Lava EcoFi – Table Top (front)

S Pop Up Panels [Straight Frame]

(6) Silver FR – Full Height (front)

(4) Silver FR – Full Height (end caps)

(2) Windsor FR – Full Height (end caps)

* All are complete with magnet and hanger and kicker strips

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100 or

Quadro Pop Up — FREE Monitor Promotion

August 30th, 2011 COMMENTS

Quadro Pop Up Promotion

Fall in Love:  Quadro Pop Up FREE Monitor Promotion

Here’s a recent trend that may surprise you:  Half of all Quadro Pop Ups orders include a monitor mount option. That’s true whether it’s a curve or a flat frame, or a Quadro S or a Quadro EO kit. Monitors have become a “gotta have” option for a pop up, and no system makes it easier than Quadro. It makes sense . . . we invented the monitor mount option for flat screen LCD’s and Plasmas for pop ups. In fact, the Quadro S Pop Up Display is the only frame that can handle as many as five monitors. Yes, FIVE!

To make this “gotta have” even more enticing, we’re giving away a FREE Acer 22″ LCD monitor with any Quadro Pop Up that includes the monitor mount option.

Here are the Details:

The promotion runs from 9/1/11 to 10/31/11.

Receive (1) FREE 22″ Monitor with the Purchase of a Quadro S or EO Pop Up with the Monitor Mount option. Basically, we’ll give your customer a free monitor (a $165 value) just for ordering a Quadro display. Heck, they were probably going to order it anyway, but now they’ll feel some extra love from you and Classic.

If your client wants to order additional monitors, to match the look and feel of the free one, that’s cool. We’ll have them available at a slight markup over cost to cover freight and handling ($165 wholesale). And before you ask, because I know you will, the monitor does not fit in the existing roto-molded case (size-wise). Should your client want a separate case for the monitor, please let us know. We know of several options, including shipping it in the existing manufacturer packaging.

Click Here to download the jpg flyer with all the details.

Finally, we’ve created an unbranded version of the promotional e-broadcast so you can add your logo and contact information. Let me know if you want it.

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100.

Word on the Street — April 4th thru April 8th

April 10th, 2011 2 COMMENTS
Quarter 2011

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

One Quarter Down . . . 3 to Go!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the first quarter flew by. But it did, and what an interesting first quarter it was. January was strong. February a little dicey. March was a monster! I am glad to report that Q1 2011 was one of the best in Classic’s history. We owe it all to your hard work with your customers and to the positive attitude of the Classic team. Thanks so much!

It’s always a little dangerous in our business to predict Q2 sales based on Q1, but, what the heck, let’s put on our Jeanne Dixon psychic hat for a moment and peer into the crystal ball. The second quarter looks to be upbeat from what we are seeing and are hearing. This past week I spoke to quite a few distributors who told me that expect more of the same in the second quarter. They are seeing more activity from both existing and new customers, who are adding to existing structures, changing graphics, and in quite a few cases, purchasing new displays.

It would be easy to see Q1 as an anomaly, but the first quarter was a blend of sales with a healthy mix of larger exhibits, custom inlines, counters and workstations, and standard kits. In 2010, you may recall that we had a lot of kit sales without much customization, especially 10 x 10’s and 10 x 20’s. But so far in 2011, while kit sales have continued to set the pace, we are building more “souped” up kits and a lot more high-budget islands.

Product Mix

We continue to sell quite a few hybrids like Visionary Designs, Sacagawea, Magellan, P10, and SEGUE, but we are also selling Intro Folding Fabric Systems, Quadro Pop Up Displays (both S and EO), and Aero Table Tops. And I can’t even keep track of the Aero Overhead Hanging Sign sales. It seems like every time I walk onto the setup floor there is another Aero Overhead Sign being assembled. Some are part of larger exhibits, but also a lot are add-ons to a client’s existing exhibit.

Looking forward, it appears the mix of sales is continuing. Most of what we have quoted or have headed for Production in April and May is either customized kits or larger island exhibits.

So what does all this mean? I was watching a video from EXHIBITOR interviewing attendee’s who were asked about the climate of business. Most of the responses were “We’re back!” or “We’re on the way back.” And I have to agree that it certainly feels that way, despite all the news you hear regarding the state of our economy.

What Have We Learned?

History Repeats ItselfHowever . . . I want to ask you a question before we get too comfortable with the “recovery.” What did we/you learn about our industry, about business, and about our customers over the past two plus years?” Did we learn anything that will make the industry stronger, our businesses healthier, and our sales increase?

I suspect the answer is not as transparent we would all like to believe. Not to rely on a cliche, but as we all know, history tends to repeat itself when we don’t analyze and understand the past. We are already getting hints of this it relates to inflated trade show charges, arbitrary rush fees, and inflexible customer service within our industry.

Let me know your thoughts, and next week I’ll share mine as well as your comments, observations, and rants. Give me a call, send me an email, or simply reply in the comments section of the blog.

Thanks again for making the last quarter so great. Have a great week ahead.

–Kevin Carty

Bye Bye Pop Ups? Hello Hybrids!

March 9th, 2011 1 COMMENT

ExhibiTrends 2011

Distributor Open House

I attended a Distributor Open House recently, where the distributor invited customers to see the latest trends in trade show marketing (ExhibiTrends 2011). Over 20 exhibit-related companies participated, ranging from portable manufacturers to lead-generating companies, and from flooring suppliers to graphic providers. The event was well-organized and extremely successful.  About 300 current and potential customers walked the event.

I don’t know how many of your are planning to attend EXHIBITOR, but I thought I’d pass along my observations from the Open House since I expect (and hope) they echo what we’ll see in Las Vegas in about three weeks.

I spoke with about 90 end-users that day. For the most part, these folks had portable/modular displays and were considering newer options.

End-user Feedback:

  1. Several vendors, including Classic Exhibits, showed Silicone Edge Graphics and SEG displays. Most end-users had never seen this graphic treatment, but quickly understood how it worked and the benefits. We showed  the SEGUE Sunrise and the VK-1900 . . . two very different displays at two very different price points.
  2. The SEGUE Sunrise, in particular, appealed to those customers with pop up displays who wanted something new at about the same price and the same setup time.
  3. Knob-Assembly.  Here’s where I’m going to show my ignorance. Why is Classic the only display manufacturer with knob-assisted assembly for their portable hybrid lines, such as Perfect 10, Sacagawea, and Magellan? The end-users at the event loved it!
  4. Almost every customer interaction went like this . . .
  • The Look. They loved the curves of a portable hybrid, like the Miracle, MOR, and P10. Nearly everyone said it as a more custom, more high-end look than their current displays. Oddly enough, and I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised, there was no one design the group liked best. Their preferences were evenly divided among the six displays.
  • The Feel. Most had no experience with tension fabric graphics or engineered aluminum extrusion. It only took a minute or two for them to recognize the benefits once they touched the frame, the graphics, and the knobs.
  • The Price. Obviously, prices vary on our hybrid systems. These end-users saw a $3000 Sunrise, (2) $6500 Magellans, a $7500 Perfect 10, a $2000 SEGUE lightbox, and an $11,000 SEGUE. Here’s where I was surprised — No one balked, no one flinched, no one objected to the prices! After two years of hearing, “It’s TOO MUCH!”, it was a pleasure to see sanity return to the exhibit market.

Toward the end of the event, I walked the floor to see the other exhibits. I saw one pop-up, and it was for a lighting company. Not one display manufacturer was showing a true pop up. Optima Graphics had an Xpression, but I’m not counting that as a traditional pop up. Everything else was a hybrid, a modular, or a tube structure with pillowcase graphics. I’ll be curious, and I invite you to do the same, to count how many pop up displays are shown at EXHIBITOR.

Don’t misinterpret me. I’m not predicting the demise of the pop up. Goodness knows, we sell LOTS and LOTS of Quadro EO and Quadro S kits. However, we may be witnessing a tipping point in conjunction with the end of the recession. Customers who have deferred purchases for two to three years are back in the market. They are willing to spend money, however cautiously. When they purchase, they want something different. Something with most of the benefits of a pop up display, but without the ho-hum, been-there, done-that look. If those end-users are a guide to what we can expect to see at EXHIBITOR, then expect to see lots of interest in portable and modular hybrids, especially those that do more than simply mimic the look of a pop up.

Best of luck to everyone at EXHIBITOR. Please visit us at booth #1455. We’ll show you our latest island configurations, rental designs, Eco-systems Sustainable Displays, and, of course, the best portable and modular hybrids in the industry.

–Mel White