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Trade Show Tips to the Beat of the 1960s

July 14th, 2016 COMMENTS


The Keys to a Successful Trade Show:  Las Vegas and Money

Advicertainment by M. Christine Delea

Eventually, you will find yourself at a trade show in Las Vegas. Before you hit the road, make sure your booth is up to the magic moment.

It’s time to consider a new exhibit, new graphics, and an updated approach to your trade show marketing. If you are truly honest with yourself, you know the same old song won’t attract customers.

It’s Not Unusual

RespectChange your presentation. Anything from letting someone else take the creative lead to creating new brochures will be a step in the right direction. Unusual giveaways and interactive booth pitches are also a clever way to make sure that lightning strikes. Because under all the glitz and glitter what you are selling has to have substance, has to be truly new and improved, and has to be worth your customer’s time. It’s all about respect — you get what you give on the trade show floor.

Careful planning will ensure you bring exactly what you need to succeed. This includes everything from brochures to business cards, electrical chargers to comfortable shoes. Yes, most things can be bought in Vegas, but shopping on the Strip comes with a steep price. In the hustle and bustle of a trade show, you won’t time to shop around for a bargain.

Stay a Little Bit Longer

Speaking of money… as with any other expensive destination, there are ways to lessen the sticker shock of Vegas. It might be worth it to stay at an off-Strip hotel. Check out the free shows and less well-known entertainment venues. Fremont Street has casinos and restaurants where you can wine and dine clients less expensively than on the Strip.

People get ready — Some may balk at the cost, but the benefits of exhibiting are worth it. You won’t be crying over money if you realize this is a marketing investment, one that requires planning and a strategy.

Fun, Fun, Fun

FunThe money you spend going to trade shows is a lot less than the money you would spend going to Old Orchard Beach, Wichita, West Islip, Boring, Yazoo City, Albert Lea, Truth or Consequences, Big Ugly, and everywhere else you have customers. At trade shows, your customers and potential customers come to you.

You can work out a budget for Vegas that is realistic and do-able. There’s no need to exist on candy bars and trail mix from home, but you don’t need to blow the entire year’s budget, either.

With budgeting, you can be a neon cowboy in Vegas. Who knows, you may even go dancing on Fremont Street to some Classic 1960s tunes. It’s all part of the fun of participating in a trade show.

Don’t forget to follow up on those leads after the show.

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