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CEIR Predict Conference Summary: Word on the Street — September 8th thru September 12th

September 12th, 2014 COMMENTS
Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kudos to Rachel Wimberly on her comprehensive summation of the CEIR Predict Conference on September 11, 2014 in Chicago. If you did not read it, here is the link to the full article from TSNN.

Some Key Points/Comments

1. When the U.S. economy rises, it lifts all boats.

2. CEIR expects to see a 2% uptick by year’s end in the industry.

3. Industry specific . . . attendance was on track to grow faster in future years, which is a very good sign. It’s a leading indicator of the other three metrics (net square footage, real revenues, and number of exhibiting companies).

4. “People will talk online, but they will close business in person.”

5. “Organizers need to let attendees take control of the event. If we’re going to engage them, we’re going to have to take risks.”

6. “A lot of folks are still doing the same thing. I am fearful for those (who) don’t change.”

What We are Seeing and Feeling

The Classic Family of Companies mirrors much of what was said at the conference. Live Marketing is … well … ALIVE. And doing better than ever. But it’s only doing so for those who are listening to their client’s wants and needs, and, most importantly, reacting with answers to those wants and needs.


Those who are proactive in their approach are winning even more opportunities.

At Classic, we are seeing positive growth in 2014 — 19.7% overall year-to-date. Two things play a huge part.

1. Our distributors are among those who are not just “doing the same old thing.”

2. We, as a manufacturer, are answering the varied client challenges being sent our way.

So thanks for allowing us to be a part of that problem-solving team. As you have hopefully seen recently in P5D as well as your own projects, the work coming through the shop is not just challenging, it’s also very unique and exciting.

It’s not all roses and petunias. We too are concerned with the fears of inflation in the US and deflation, which may happen in the European Economy. We need to keep a watchful eye on both. But most importantly, someone once said to me, “Focus your attention on what is within your immediate control . . . and just be mindful of the rest.”

Please comment on Rachel’s wrap-up of the CEIR Predict Conference. Are you seeing and feeling the same things? What are your concerns and fears?

Have a great weekend with your families.




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