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Autumn at Classic Exhibits | Minus the Fall: Word on the Street — October 21st thru October 25th

October 27th, 2013 COMMENTS
Autumn at Classic Exhibits | Everything But Fall

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

As we roll into the last week of October, I wanted to update you on Classic Exhibits and its Family of Companies.

Strong Sales

We are heading into November with more momentum than ever.  After a summer that was, well let’s be honest, unpredictable at best, our September and October numbers have been very encouraging. Thanks to you!

The projects are not only larger, but also more dynamic than ever before. Design is truly driving the ship. And while people are still budget conscious, it’s clear their budgets are more and more forgiving once presented with THE DESIGN that really meets their needs

Internally, our Design Department is all a buzz. As you may remember, we welcomed Katrina (Trina) Broten back in the middle of June as a Design Intern. Well, she is an intern no longer. We are fortunate to call her a full-time Associate Designer now, and we could not be more proud. Trina is not only a great and upcoming Designer in this industry, but also a perfect personality fit for Classic.

Those of you who have worked with her already know what I mean. She has a strong future in our industry. We are very proud to have her join the Classic Family.

iPad Air

Granted, I am some what of an Apple Honk, so I won’t comment on the recent Apple Announcements and New Product Releases. But as many of you may have noticed, the new iPad Air is coming soon, and with it come new dimensions. Many of you called this week worried about how the new dimensions will affect the iPad tablet kiosks that Classic has become synonymous with. Well not to worry. We had advanced warning on the new product developments. The existing clamshells will fit the Air just fine, but we will have an even better solution once the new new iPad Air tablets are available.

Annual Classic Exhibits BBQ

Albeit a bit later in the year than normal, due to being busy quite frankly, we held our Annual BBQ/Potluck on Friday October 25. It was very yummy! Steaks, burgers,  and more desserts than anyone should ever digest in one sitting. Thanks to our entire team for bringing their favorite dishes.

I had a blast at the grill. Don’t believe the rumors about the fire chief having to be called. But I will say, I hope the hair on my arms grows back sometime. My eyebrows . . . we’ll that’s another story. 🙂

Moving into November

Not wanting to jinx November, but boy oh boy I think we are heading for our largest November ever. The projects on the slate so far are some real beauties. Many highlight capabilities of our amazing production staff. Large Island units seem to be the driver for the remainder of the year, something that speaks well to the value many of our distributors, large and small, are experiencing in their relationship with Classic Exhibits. I am looking forward to showing you what is coming down the pike as they are built — and selfishly showing you that creating a “direct sales” channel (or a hidden one with commissions) is not the only alternative for a manufacturer seeking to increase its sales volume. Unlike some of our competitors.

Be well this weekend. Enjoy those families. And Go DUCKS! 🙂





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